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Thursday July 2, 2015

Sunday Forum

Dr. Nathan Thomas- USF- Lakeland Campus Dr.Brenda Townsend- USF- Special Education Show examens the crisis in education for black students after desegregation

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Interview With Derrick Johnson

Guest interview with the state of Mississippi NAACP president, Mr. Derrick Johnson. Played 26-minute excerpt from Dr. Cornell West speech when he was invited to speak at the University of South Florida.

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CLAIRE MATTURRO, Florida author - Mary Glenney, Women's Show

Claire Matturro, author of Wildcat Wine. Claire Hamner Matturro grew up in Sarasota and practiced law there for 10 years. She then spent 6 years on the writing faculty at Florida State University College of Law. She maintains close ties to Sarasota although she now lives and writes in South Georgia.

Readers may remember her first novel, Skinny Dipping, set in Sarasota (as is Wildcat Wine) in which she introduced Lilly Belle Rose Cleary, a sexy, health nut of an attorney who has many of ...

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Feminist Majority Foundation. Eleanor Smeal from the Feminist Majority Foundation spoke with us about the impact the Supreme Court vacancy and filling it will have on women and on all of us. Many rights could be in jeopardy, including privacy, women's reproductive rights, Title IX, affirmative action, labor laws, and regulatory agencies, civil rights. Terms like "constitution in exile," "strict contruction,"and "unconstitutional power to the federal government" were explored. Do we want ...

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"THE FIRE NEXT TIME," PATRICE O'NEILL, filmmaker, POV - Mary Glenney, Women's Show

Patrice O’Neill, filmmaker. Environmental and economic interests clash, intensified by local talk radio station in a new documentary, “The Fire Next Time,� by “Not in Our Town� filmmaking team.

The people of the Flathead Valley in Montana were used to thinking they live in “the last best place in America.� Kalispell, the county seat and valley’s larest town, means “prairie above the lake.� But as revealed by Patrice O’Neil...

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CAFTA - NAFTA ON STEROIDS? Deborah James, Global Exchange - Mary Glenney, Women's Show

CAFTA – NAFTA on Steroids

Deborah James, Global Economy Director of Global Exchange. In a long awaited move, the Bush Administration finally sent the Central America -- Dominican Republic -- United States Free Trade Agreement (DR-CAFTA) to Congress for approval. With Fast Track in place, a vote could come as early as next week. In response, Global Exchange called on citizens across the country to make their voices heard with their elected officials in opposition to CAFTA. "Cor...

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Suncoast Tiger Bay Club host Senator Lee

Anchor Intro:

Today Florida Senate President Senator Tom Lee made a stop at the St. Petersburg Yacht Club, where he spoke to a room crowded with members of the Sun Coast Tiger Bay Club. At this afternoon’s event, the legislator told the crowd where he stood on some of the major issues affecting voters in the Sunshine State. Here’s WMNF Reporter Julie Togba with more.

Pkg. << Track 9: “You don’t know this… but you just watch me if you don’t...

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Script: Conservative columnist Robert Novak was the first to reveal the identity of Ambassador Joseph Wilson’s wife Valerie Plame as a CIA operative. Later, Matt Cooper wrote a piece on the matter for Time Magazine, as did Judith Miller for the New York times, an article which never ran. A special prosecutor was appointed, Patrick Fitzgerald, who called on Miller and Cooper to testify, as well as NBC anchorman Tim Russert and Washington Post reporter Walter Pincus. It is not known whet...

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The American Independent Business Alliance (AMIBA) and the Tampa Independent Business Alliance are marking the week of July 1-7 Independents Week. "It’s a time to reflect on the importance of economic democracy and community self-determination by celebrating the nation’s locally owned independent businesses and the stake each citizen has in shaping their home town’s future," stated AMIBA director Jennifer Rockne. Our Guests were MaryAnn Ferenc, co-owner of Mise En Place a...

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Eyewitnesses to U.S. military support for Colombia's government

Jane and Don Thompson of Bradenton have just returned from a Witness for Peace delegation to Colombia. The Thompson's are religious peace activists who say they have grave doubts about U.S. policy in Colombia. They say U.S. military aid ends up supporting an army which has little concern for human rights. They also say that killings of civilians by the paramilitary continue. Jane and Don say it is dangerous to advocate for peace or for labor rights in Colombia. They also say the spraying of c...

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