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Saturday April 18, 2015


Several news organizations reported today that , For the first time in memory, and perhaps ever, a "blogger" was admitted to a regular White House briefing………

The blogger, Garrett M. Graff, who writes about the news media in Washington for, had to make multiple attempts over several days last week before finally securing the promise of a day pass for today.

Graff has said that the James Guckert/ Jeff Gannon controversy inspired him to try for the day p...

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CYNTHIA SALZMAN MONDELL, Director,"Sisters of 77"-Mary Glenney, Women's Show

CYNTHIA SALZMAN MONDELL, Director. “Sisters of 77� is a film that revisits the historic 1977 national women’s conference in Houston, a euphoric event that galvanized feminism. This is a fascinating look at that pivotal weekend and how it changed American life and the lives of the women who attended. On the table at the convention were countless hot-button issues that ran the gamut of American women’s concerns, such as equal pay, daycare, healthcare, minority rights...

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FRANCES KISSLING, Catholics for a Free Choice - Mary Glenney, Women's Show

FRANCES KISSLING, president, Catholics for a Free Choice. Frances Kissling is president and chief executive officer of Catholics for a Free Choice in Washington, DC. From her work with family planning clinics in the 1970s to her leadership in the feminist religious and international reproductive health movements, Ms. Kissling has been working to improve women’s lives for over 30 years.

Under Ms. Kissling’s leadership, CFFC has become a leading force for change in the Catholi...

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JUNE BARRETT, Husband killed during attack on Pensacola Women's Clinic-Glenney

JUNE BARRETT, widow of James Barrett. James Barrett was escorting Dr. John Bayard Britton to a PensAcola women�s clinic when both were murdered by Paul Hill in July 1994. June Barrett was injured in the same attack. We will talk about her memories of that time and the present.

Frances Kissling will be the featured speaker at the Annual Dinner for Planned Parenthood of Southwest & Central Florida, Sunday, March 13 at 5:30 p.m. at the Hyatt Sarasota. June Barrett will also be honor...

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INTRO: The 83rd annual Chasco Fiesta began yesterday in New Port Richey, despite objections from Native Americans and the American Indian Movement. The ten day event features a carnival, food vendors, a car show, a boat parade, music events in Sims Park, Native American displays and a street parade which has created dissent by Native American rights groups over the Krewe of Chasco’s float which portrays Indians in a negative light. WMNF’s Mark Antokas files this report.


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Betty Castor confirmed today that she will NOT be a candidate for Governor next year.

Castor commented to the Associated Press that after her narrow lost to Mel Martinez for the U.S. Senate last November, she does NOT want to run back-to-back campaigns.

Castor told the AP, “"I have had a lot of encouragement to enter this governor's race and I thought about it. If the timing were different and I hadn't just spent 18 months in a different race, my decision might be different…...

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Al-Arian vigil - Lance Robson

Last night a candlelight vigil was held at the Orient Road jail for Sami Al-Arian.

Bit – we’re here because we believe in constitutional law, etc…

That was John Arnaldi, one of more than fifty people who gathered to lament and protest the treatment that Dr Sami Al-Arian has received since being incarcerated two years ago. The group of demonstrators has also called for the kind of measured treatment most of us expect other unconvicted prisoners to receive. But t...

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Cilvil Liberties in Bush's Second Term: the Al-Arian case - Lance Robson

The state of civil liberties and how they relate to the culture of fear that Muslim-Americans now find themselves living in was the focal point of a discussion that took place at USF Monday night. LR was there and filed this report.

Bit – This is not new, it is dangerous and obscene but it is not new.

That was Constitutional Lawyer and a former President of the Nation Lawyer’s guild, Peter Erlinder who addressed a half-full auditorium of people at USF. The issues raised...

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Sami Al-Arian jury questionnaire hearing - Lance Robson

This afternoon at the Federal courthouse in downtown Tampa the preparations for the case against Sami al-arian, and three other associated defendants, moved into the jury selection stage.

Judge James Moody presided over a hearing on whether or not a continuance should be granted in the upcoming AL-Arian case. For hours the defense team challenged answers and comments made by potential jurors in specially designed questionnaires. Many of the responses showed the amount of misrepresentati...

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