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Tuesday September 2, 2014


Nathan Schwartz, 2013

photo by Sean Kinane, WMNF News 2013

Anti-GMO group launches new Tampa farmer's market

There’s a new farmer’s market coming to Tampa Saturday.

They’re calling it Organarchy and it will only offer non-genetically modified foods. Organarchy non-GMO Farmer’s Market organizer Nathan Schwartz is with March Against Monsanto-Tampa.

The Stained Market Place is hosting the market. That address is 2106 E. 15th Ave in Tampa. It starts Saturday at 8:00 a.m. until noon and will run every Saturday between now and October 25.

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A beach and a frisbee golf course separate Maximo Park from the sensitive Indian Mound.

photo by Janelle Irwin, WMNF file photo 2012

St. Pete Indian Mounds to get a major technological facelift

St. Petersburg has a rich Native American history and lots of Indian Mounds. The city is continuing efforts to protect and enhance the mounds and surrounding parks.

Parks and Recreation planner Mike Vineyard talks with WMNF News about what’s already been done and some really cool stuff still to come.

There’s a public forum 7:00 p.m. Tuesday at the Sunshine Center Auditorium in downtown St. Pete. More information about the technology St. Pete hopes to integrate into these parks [here](...

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Anti-Hobby Lobby demonstrators waved cleverly worded signs in front of the downtown Tampa federal courthouse.

photo by Janelle Irwin

Activists in Tampa still seething over Hobby Lobby birth control decision

It’s been a week and a half since the U.S. Supreme Court ruled the retail chain Hobby Lobby and other corporations could refuse birth control coverage if it contradicts its religious edicts. Groups across the nation are continuing to show outrage through creative protests. Here in Tampa, about 40 activists took to the federal courthouse Thursday with signs condemning the decision.

“I was really frickin’ pissed off.”

That’s Bonnie Axler. She’s a concerned mother whose daughter relies on...

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From A Woman's POV discusses equal pay, domestic violence, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and fracking in Florida

From A Woman's POV Summer Pledge Drive Episode

TERRY O’NEILL, PRESIDENT OF NOW, was the first guest. She talked about – Hobby Lobby, equal pay, domestic violence – but Terry also offered ways we can effect change. That is what this show is about, not only presenting problems and issues, but also offering ideas and actions we can pursue to redress those problems.


Jonathan Mann has written a song honoring Justice Ginsburg using ...

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photo by NEFSC/NOAA

Loggerhead sea turtles handed nearly 700 miles of critical habitat by feds

Loggerhead sea turtles will be better protected now after a landmark rule passed down by the feds. A legal settlement announced yesterday designates nearly 700 miles of beach and 300,000 square feet as "critical habitat."

The rule protecting Loggerhead habitats was the result of a 2013 lawsuit filed by several conservation groups.

Jaclyn Lopez is an attorney with the Center for Biological Diversity.

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Scheduled Florida execution prompts death penalty protests

Eddie Wayne Davis, a man convicted of raping and killing an 11-year old girl 20 years ago, is scheduled to be executed Thursday evening. Davis had appealed his death sentence arguing one of the three drugs administered during the execution would cause him extreme abdominal distress. That appeal was struck down. Now, the group Floridians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty is asking opponents of capital punishment to join one of 20 vigils across the state including Pinellas County, Lakeland ...

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Vintage machines mimic hand-rolled cigars at the J.C. Newman Cigar Co.

photo by Janelle Irwin

Fate of Tampa's last cigar factory hinges on FDA proposal

The cigar industry in Tampa could be facing extinction. If a proposed federal Food and Drug Administration regulation is approved, Tampa’s last remaining cigar factory could wind up shutting down after 119 years of business. During a tour of the historic factory in V.M. Ybor Wednesday, Lieutenant Governor Carlos Lopez-Cantera said he’s backing the J.C. Newman Company’s efforts to squash the regulation before it squashes them.

“This is a classic example of too much government and governmen...

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Fewer skin lesions on fish is evidence BP oil is to blame for the ailment: USF scientist

Scientists have found a link between skin lesions and oil in some marine life. It’s another piece of evidence in a long line showing the 2010 BP oil disaster had a lasting impact on the health of the Gulf of Mexico. That study was published in Transactions of the American Fisheries Society. WMNF interviewed Steven Murawski, a professor of biological oceanography at the University of South Florida.

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PSTA CEO Brad Miller unveils a campaign in February to sway voters into approving a penny sales tax to fund transit improvements.

photo by Janelle Irwin, February 2014

Public transit not working for some blind people in Pinellas

When the world around you is nothing but a veil of blackness, getting around becomes pretty hard. That’s the life of a blind person. But some members of a group for sight impaired Pinellas County residents say they don’t have access to reliable transportation. Kathy Millican is the president of the Pinellas Council of the Blind.

“They’ve had really substantial delays. People are not being picked up on time. Sometimes they’re not being picked up at all. Calls are being dropped. There’s not...

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