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Wednesday July 23, 2014

County Commmisioner Criticizes Bush Economic Policy in relation to outsourcing of Bay Area Jobs - Mitch Perry

Last week, the Credit Card Company Capital One announced last week that it was shutting down its call center in Tampa, eliminating 1,100 jobs and delivering a serious blow to efforts to upgrade the Bay Area's economic base.

Employees were informed that their jobs would be sent overseas, but the company has not said where they will be outsourced to.

Outsourcing has become an issue in this year's Presidential Election, and today

Hillsborough County Commissioner Kathy Castor ...

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MINIMUM WAGE - Radioactivity

Joe Johnson state campaign manager of the effort to raise the minimum wage discussed the measure which just won approval to be on the November ballot in Florida. He discussed the connection between low wages and poverty, where the minimum wage has been raised recently, the effect of a raise on job losses and prospects for a victory in the Fall.

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The case of terry Schiavo, the woman the vegetative hospital patient who had her feeding tube re-inserted at the request of governor Jeb Bush, will be heard by the Florida State supreme court on August 31st. Lawyers for Schiavo's husband who fighting for Terri’s right to die after 10 years in a hospital bed, filed briefs with the court yesterday, which called the governors actions repugnant to the Florida constitution. WMNF spoke today with Randall Marshall, with the Florida ACLU, wh...

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Last night at the Democratic Convention, the Democrats touted their party's appeal to Blacks and Latinos, boasting that 40 percent of the delegates are from either ethnic groups, gay or disabled.

But Miami Republican Congressman Mario Diaz Balart, yesterday called John Kerry 'insensitive' because a staunch supporter made negative remarks about the language used by Blacks, Southerners and others a decade ago.

Christie Vilsack, wife of Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack, made the remarks...

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