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Monday December 22, 2014


INTRO: Last night, the Zephyrhills City Council attempted to put to rest racial divisions which have resulted from a street name change. In October of last year, City Council voted to change the name of Sixth Avenue to Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue, infuriating many of the white community. Last nights vote to restore the street name to Sixth Avenue, with a token reference to King, attracted national media attention as Zephyrhills has become the only community in Florida to change a street nam...

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About 200 people, many of them veterans of war, gathered for a rally to support the campaign of President Bush. Only days ago, the closure of several Veterans administration medical facilities was announced, and the past few months has seen massive criticism of the Bay Pines facility, where an inefficient computer system has led to long waits for care for sick veterans. Literature defended Bush against allegation of defunding veteran’s medical care, and several speakers, including Bo...

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Florida U.S. Senator Bill Nelson was in Clearwater this morning, speaking to the Clearwater Chamber of Commerce.... ...Although it was announced that he would be speaking about new anti-tobacco legislation, Nelson instead focused predominantly on the war and occupation in Iraq.

Unlike his fellow Democrats in the Senate, Bob Graham, Nelson voted to give authorization to President Bush to attack Iraq militarily in the fall of 2002.

But today he appeared to sound like he had been...

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HUMAN SHIELD FILM - Kimberley Farley

On Friday night in Sarasota, the Southwest Florida Peace Coalition sponsored a screening of the short documentary “Human Shield.� It has currently been screened at over 20 film festivals around the nation, and won best short documentary at the Tampa Bay Film Festival. Filmmaker Debra Hussong and former human shield Ryan Clancy were among those in attendance. WMNF’s Kimberley Farley files this report.

The film centers on the experiences of Faith Fippinger, who was a huma...

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Every year a group called pastors for peace breaks the Unites States travel restrictions, and go to Cuba to deliver food, medical supplies, schoolbooks, and other donated supplies. The trip is planned for July, and Tampa will have a contingent of several so called “pastors� At a fundraising picnic, WMNF's Andrew Stelzer spoke to one of the people who is going on the caravan about why he’s involved in sending aid to Cuba, and what he thinks about the political situation in ...

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Women's Show - PEGGY SEEGER - Legendary folk singer/feminist

Peggy Seeger - Forty-five years of concerts, more than 20 solo and over 100 joint recordings and numerous original songs - among them, "I'm Gonna Be an Engineer" - have made her a legend in her time. Ruth Crawford Seeger's daughter, Pete and Mike's sister, the late Ewan MacColl's partner, mother of 3, she refers to herself as "very much my own woman."

Her 35-year residency in England gave her a unique European perspective. Her concerts, in which she makes full use of voice, 5-string banj...

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Women's Show - ALICIA FORTENBERRY - Overcoming Depression

Alicia Fortinberry and Bob Murray will talk about their proven techniques for helping people overcome depression and self-defeating patterns that keep us from enjoying a fulfilling professional and personal life through their Uplift program. They offer a unique program showing that real change comes from building healthier relationships with others, our own bodies, nature and spirituality. They show how to create a solid basis for happiness and healthy spirituality - the most powerful antid...

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Women's Show-TAKE BACK THE NIGHT-Patty Sanphy/Joy McRae Fox

Women's Blues Review, an ensemble featuring Tampa Bay's most prominent female R& B artists, will present its NINTH ANNUAL MOTHER'S DAY BENEFIT CONCERT to focus attention on the issues surrounding domestic violence in our community. The event will be held at Skippers Smokehouse on Sunday, May 9th from 5-9 pm. Volunteers from local domestic violence programs will also sponsor an art auction and a raffle.

Though this annual event is lively and light-hearted, the problem of domestic violence...

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INTRO: On Monday evening, the Zephyrhills City Council will vote to formally remove the Martin Luther King Jr. street signs from Sixth Avenue. The black community has protested for a ninth day today after the 3-2 vote was handed down on may 26th, effectively de-naming the street. WMNF’s Mark Antokas has this report. Roll Tape:

Script; Zephyrhills is a community which sorely needs to come to a resolution on the de-naming of sixth avenue. But stubborn heads yet prevail. Gregg Hilferdi...

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