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Thursday March 5, 2015


The harassment of a 12-year-old Muslim middle school girl in Palm Beach County is the latest of several recent acts of harassment of Muslims in Florida and across the country. Ahmed Badir works with the council on American Islamic relations, or CAIR. ACT “She was hit with a belt and they called her Osama.�

The other students also told the young girl not to tell the principal or they would hit her again, instead she told her teacher, who dismissed the incident as unimportant, ...

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A local St. Petersburg news weekly made national news today after it was publicized on Matt Drudge's Website and on Rush Limbaugh's Syndicated radio show......

The paper is the Gabber, and the reason it made its way into the Right Wing media Vortex as because of an ad placed in it by the St. Petersburg Democratic Club...WMNF's Mitch Perry reports:...

The Ad - in the April 8th edition-, entices those who are angry at the Bush Administration's ongoing war in Iraq, to make a fin...

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Our two guests were part of a tour: "Called to Solidarity: Challenging the Corporate-Security State." It makes the connections between poor peoples' movements and campaigns here in the United States, the practice of solidarity, and the political consequences of standing with those on the underside of corporate globalization and its military muscle. The tour's speakers, Romeo Ramirez and Dave Robinson draw on their own experiences, including the work of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers and t...

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A grassroots campaign to raise Florida’s minimum wage has now been forced to take on another cause—protecting citizen’s rights to amend the Florida’s constitution. Today, about 30 people gathered in front of a government services building on Tampa Street; Denise Hilton is an organizer for ACORN, a group that organizes people in low-income neighborhoods to become advocates for causes that are important to their lives. ACT “We have starving children….n...

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Florida’s State legislators returned to work today for the final three-week stretch of their regular session with a lot of work still ahead of them. Just the same, things appear set to end on time. The House and Senate passed budgets before leaving for last week's break for the Passover and Easter holidays. But they still have to negotiate spending on health care, education, tax cuts and other issues. Lawmakers knocked off one big issue early in the 60-day session. They eli...

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This past Saturday in Sarasota over 260 people attended a forum to listen to the four announced Democratic Candidates who want to run against and defeat Katherine Harris for the District 13 seat in Congress. District 13 covers Sarasota, Hardee and DeSoto counties, most of Manatee and part of Charlotte. The candidates attending included CJ Czaia (Zia), Christine Jennings, Jan Schneider, and Floyd Jay Winters. WMNF’s Kimberley Farley files this report.

Before any of the candidates s...

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Women's Show - MEDEA

Stageworks Theatre Company presents a three-week, limited engagement of "Medea," the famous Greek tragedy by Euripides, at the Shimberg Playhouse of the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center, April 16 - May 2, 2004.

The classic play features a multi-cultural cast of actors from throughout the Tampa Bay area. Audiences will enjoy the same adaptation by Frederic Raphael and Kenneth McLeish that was applauded in London and New York and starred Fiona Shaw in the lead role.

The plot focuses o...

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Women's Show - POV documentary LOVE & DIANE

P.O.V.'s "Love & Diane" Tells Haunting Story of Broken Homes, Mothers and Daughters in Urban America

Spring Special Airs Wednesday, April 21 at 9 p.m. on WEDU

Diane Hazzard was a loving mother, but like other young, inner city African Americans in the 1980s, she was swept up in the crack cocaine epidemic. Inevitably, her parenting suffered with her addiction, until her own daughter, Love, only eight years old, told a teacher that she and her five siblings were often left home alone and ...

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Women's Show - NAN ARON, president, ALLIANCE FOR JUSTICE

The Alliance for Justice is a national association of more than 65 public interest and civil rights organizations. Founded in 1979, the Alliance works to advance the cause of justice for all Americans, strengthen the public interest community's influence on public policy and to train and inspire a new generation of public interest advocates.

Nan Aron founded the organization and serves as its president She is nationally recognized for her vast expertise in public interest law, the federal...

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Women's Show - AUDREY FLACK, artist

As an artist, Audrey Flack has had the inevitable highs and lows in her professional career. She is in Tampa for a 10-day residency at the University of Tampa. She was commissionedby the Tampa Museum of Art tocreate a statue in memory of the late Louise Kotler. The sculpture, "Bella Apollonia" was dedicated April 6 and can be viewed at the museum.

Her oldest daughter was born with autism and that experience has greatly inflenced her life and art. She is one of the women featured in the...

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