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Wednesday November 26, 2014


A one-day conference will provide area residents with a unique opportunity to fully celebrate Valentine’s Day. “Open Hearts, Open Minds,� a collection of presentations focusing on the theme of coexistence, will be held Saturday, February 14, at New College of Florida Sudakoff Conference Center. The sessions cover a variety of cross-cultural topics and will inform and challenge attendees to deepen their understanding of coexistence, as well as provide insights into how to mak...

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President Bush visited Pennsylvania today to talk about the economy. In January, the President backed legislation that cut off overtime pay protections for 8 million workers. And this month, in the face of the state losing 14 percent of its manufacturing jobs, the chair White House council of economic advisors issued a report which praised the outsourcing of jobs to other countries. John Halpin of the Center for American Progress discussed the Bush administration's position on outsourcin...

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Dilip Hiro in an OP-ed for the New York Times confronts what is perhaps the ultimate irony of the current US position in Iraq: " for an administration that fought a "war for democracy," it is now opposing Ayatollah Sistani's call for direct elections to the new national provisional assembly."

Hiro, one of the world's leading authorities on Iraq and the region, and the author of the just-published, Secrets and Lies: Operation "Iraqi Freedom" was our guest on this segment of Radioactivity.

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Veteran White House Journalist Helen Thomas. Thomas has covered every administration since JFK's. She is known as one of the toughest questioners in Washington and she says since 9/11 the White House press corps has fallen down on its job as the nation's watchdog. Thomas will be a speaker in a few weeks in Tampa at the upcoming SKEPTICISM AND SECULAR HUMANISM conference in Tampa. The conference will be held from February 20-22, 2004, at the Radisson Riverwalk Hotel in Tampa, Florida.

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The Ophelia Project - Tampa Bay is sponsoring Self Protection & Safety classes designed just for teen girls & adults on February 14, 2004. The classes will be at seven area YMCA family branches, taught by experienced, safety professionals. All the hot teen safety topics will be covered - Street Safety (malls and parking lots), Internet Safety (instant messaging, chat rooms), and Relationship Safety.

The Self Protection classes are part of an international movement called V-Day, a publi...

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Religious Leaders for A More Just and Compassionate Drug Policy

our guest: Rev. Janet Wolf - Dir. of Public Policy and Community Outreach for the group. She says our war on drugs results in a large incarceration rate for people who simply possess drugs, especially marijuana. Many of those imprisoned are people of color. The minister charges that the impact of high incarceration rates is that families are split and defendants are unable to rise above the stigma, sanctions and poverty that result from prison sentences. Wolfe and her group advocate treating ...

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Tension was high this morning as the Pinellas County School Board met to discuss an effort to ban the confederate flag at Tarpon Springs High School.

When Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean stated that he wanted the Democratic Party to appeal to Southerners with confederate flags on their pickup trucks, many Southerners were outraged by what they deemed as an unfair stereotype of the Southern man.

Perhaps Howard Dean wasn’t so wrong after all, as the rebel flag is an ...

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Alexandra Halkin will show films produced by the Zapatista indigenous people with the assistance of inner-city youth from Chicago.The event has been moved from the one previously listed in Ybor City. It will now take place at Co-Vivant Gallery on 4906 North Florida Avenue in Tampa. There is a sliding scale admissions. For more information you may call Shari Feldman 813-362-2000. You can find out more information about CMP at

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Women's Show - LISA WILSON - EMERALD FOREST-Sarasota

The fight to save the last piece of wild, undeveloped parcel of land in Sarasota on the bay - located at 4218 Bayshore Rd. This issue will be addressed Feb. 11 at 6 pm at the Planning Board Hearing, City Hall, 1565 1st Street, Sarasota - permit application review.

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Women's Show - JULIE ROWE, Spinning Into Butter at Amer. Stage

Spinning Into Butter is a very serious comedy abou racism written by award-winning playwright Rebecca Gilman. The setting is a smallcollege in Vermont, the charactersare college administrators, professors and students who all vowtheir commitment to fostering diversity. The pay's title comes from the old storyof Little Black Sambo. Sparks says she knew that the play's academic world of insistently politically correct language might allow audience members to distance themselves

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