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Wednesday April 1, 2015


Ridley entered Afghanistan illegally, shortly after 9/11. She was captured by the Taliban and eventually released. Later she converted to Islam. She is a critic of the U.S. role in Afghanistan where she says the U.S. backed government is holding on by a thin margin and the countryside is rapidly being taken over by radical Islamists.

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INTRO: On Saturday afternoon, in a speech co-sponsored by WMNF along with the Tampa ACLU and a group called Tampa Safe AND Free, Washington DC based Constitutional Attorney David Cole spoke to a crowd estimated around 150 people regarding civil liberties in America post 9/11.

Many Tampa citizens are already familiar with Cole, who was one of several immigration and constitutional attorneys who defended fromer USF instructor Mazen Al-Najjar, who was held in Florida jails for over 3 Â...

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Last week Tampa Political Activist Mauricio Rosas was arrested on charges of prostitution and criminal transmission of HIV. Rosas - perhaps best known in activist circles for being 1 of 4 people who were arrested for protesting at a George W. Bush rally in Tampa 3 years ago, was released on $2,500 bail after his arrest last Tuesday.

According to Tampa Police, Rosas was advertising himself on several different web sites when he was identified by somebody who recognized him - and alert...

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1n 1998, the State of Florida allocated 70 million dollars for an education campaign to teach young people about the dangers of smoking tobacco. Although the program has been successful in reducing the number of people who begin smoking, funding for the program has been cut every year; it now faces the prospect of being discontinued. The next few days will determine the fate of the TRUTH program; WMNF’s Andrew Stelzer has more on this story


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Ann G. Kramer, Ed. S. LMHC. Ann discussed her work as a life coach and her involvement with Tampa Crossroads and its program CART (Creating a Responsible Teenager).

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Women's Show - KICK BUTTS DAY River Ridge HS

A group of students at River Ridge High School in New Port Richey are the Bodacious Butt Kickers. Christine Lavin’s latest recording, “The New Street People� was rushed into production for KICK BUTTS DAY, March 31, 2004. Her gracious inclusion of the New Port Richey Bodacios Butt Kickers helped River Ridge High School Multimedia Technology students and SWAT (Students Working Against Tobacco) members to create a music video of the song for the event. Jayme Hill, Katheryn N...

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Women's Show - "99 cent DREAMS" - play by Judy Lee Oliva

Playwright Judy Lee Oliva saw a sign that read 99 cent Dreams, and a shattered dreams idea seemed to come together. Winner of the Women Playwrights’ Initiative event, her play will be given a world premiere next week in Orlando. “99 cent Dreams� developed in part from mystical characters who occupied Oliva’s thoughts and from her writing of “Woman in a Drum.� She says “The issue of identity is at stake as six characters of different cultures and et...

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Women's Show - Budget Cuts Hurt Women and Children

DEBORAH CUTLER ORTIZ, Director of Family Income for the CHILDREN'S DEFENSE FUND, regarding the statement she issued in response to a New York Times article about the declining number of welfare recipients: "Today the New York Times reported that welfare rolls shrank over the last three years even during a sluggish economy. This counter intuitive finding is not a cause to rejoice. The reasons behind the decline in welfare caseloads are complex. It is clear that not everyone leaving the welfar...

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Women's Show-Kate Michelman on Unborn Victims of Violence Act

Kate Michelman, president of NARAL ProChoice America talks about Senate bill 1019, the so-called Unborn Victims of Violence Act (UVVA), which creates a penalty for anyone convicted of harming a fetus during commission of certain federal crimes. This legislation, which passed the Senate 61 to 38, fails to mention the harm to the woman resulting from an involuntary termination of her pregnancy. Sponsors of the UVVA today made their ideological goal abundantly clear: when given the opportunity ...

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INTRO: With millions of Americans without health benefits in this country, for some, it a comfort and a necessity to have regular acess to a clinic open to Pasco county residents, in New Port Richey. WMNF’s Mark Antokas has the story.

SCRIPT: On Thys road, just north of State Route 54 in New Port Richey is the Good Samaritan Health Clinic of Pasco County. It stands on a parking lot on just over one acre, four single wide mobile homes put end to end and beside each other, to provide ...

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