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Saturday August 23, 2014


Ambassador Luis Carlos Villegas

Colombian Ambassador to the United States, Luis Carlos Villegas on The Last Call

Today on The Last Call, host Rob Lorei talks with the Colombian Ambassador to the United States. His visit coincides with the arrival today of the Arc Gloria- a tall ship used for training by the Colombian Navy. Ambassador Luis Carlos Villegas most recently served as President of the National Business Association of Colombia and is a member of the government’s negotiating team in the ongoing peace talks with FARC.

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SCOTUS decision says religion is an OK reason to deny contraception to employees

Some employers won’t have to provide birth control for employees through coverage in their health plans. A landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling Monday sided with the retail chain Hobby Lobby that argued they shouldn’t have to pay for contraceptives. Stetson University College of Law professor Ciara Torres-Spelliscy called the case another corporate person-hood issue.

“That’s one of the reasons that if you have a religious objection you can’t be drafted to go to war. If you have a religious...

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SCOTUS throws partial victory at unions

Another Supreme Court ruling was something of a draw for unions. A group of home healthcare workers in Illinois argued they shouldn’t have to pay a cost sharing fee if they aren’t a member of the union, and the court agreed. But Unions dodged a bullet. Lisa Madigan is the attorney general for Illinois.

“Today’s decision from the court is a very narrow one. It does not change Illinois’ program. The court, in essence, ruled that home healthcare workers who choose not to join their union wil...

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photo by Seán Kinane/WMNF News.

Tampa demonstration against further U.S. military intervention in Iraq

President Obama is still weighing what further action will be taken to deal with the Islamist insurgency in Iraq.

On Friday, peace activists demonstrated against further military action.

About 30 peole held banners and waved signs at the corner of Dale Mabry Highway and Gandy Boulevard in South Tampa, about a mile north of the main entrance of MacDill Air Force Base.

WMNF interviewed Jesse Nevel, national chair of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement

<iframe width="640" hei...

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Dr. T. Wayne Bailey is a professor of Political Science at Stetson University College of Law in DeLand and an expert on constitutional law.

photo by Stetson University College of Law

Is separation of church and state even still a thing?

Dr. T. Wayne Bailey is a professor of political science for Stetson University College of Law in DeLand. He specializes in constitutional law and he’s here to talk to us today about the Liberty Counsel’s push for political advocacy in churches.

Here's Monday's story

A conservative Christian group is asking church leaders to ramp up political advocacy. During one of several statewide “rallies”, leaders with the Who Will Stand campaign showed a video telling pastors it’s OK to talk poli...

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The Hillsborough River in downtown Tampa.

photo by Seán Kinane (Sept. 2009).

Environment Florida to draw attention to Clean Water Act with paddle on Hillsborough River

The federal Environmental Protection Agency has proposed a rule to strengthen protections for wetlands and small waterways under the Clean Water Act.

The advocacy group Environment Florida is drawing attention to public input on the rule by organizing a group paddle down the Hillsborough River tomorrow morning.

WMNF interviewed Jennifer Rubiello, a field organizer with Environment Florida.

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Civil rights group looks to boost voter education and community involvement

It’s been 50 years since the civil rights movement’s Freedom Summer where activists fought for voting rights. A national group called the Dream Defenders is commemorating the anniversary with its own project called “The Bloc is ours”.

WMNF News spoke with Alekos Zambrano, the Bloc leader in Hillsborough County.

A local office for the freedom schools will open on July 19.

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WMNF file photo, 2009

photo by Sean Kinane

Free bike helmets for kids with hearing loss in New Port Richey

Kids with hearing loss can get a free bicycle helmet in New Port Richey on Saturday. The Sertoma Speech and Hearing Foundation of Florida will hand out 75 helmets between 10:00 a.m. and noon. Debra Golinski is the director of development for the foundation.

“Because they’re hard of hearing, it’s hard for them to be familiar with their surroundings and really know what’s going on as far as noise or hearing a car coming or someone maybe yelling at them or they don’t hear it. So, we thought ...

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West Side Story by St. Pete Opera

St. Pete Opera has a full cast of singers, dancers, orchestra, all for this classic musical. We talk with Mark Sforzini, conductor & artistic director about the nuts and bolts of putting the show up, plus interesting history of West Side Story, and the emerging artists series that St. Pete Opera has.

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