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Wednesday July 23, 2014

Alternative Health: The Life Puzzle

Dr. Carol Roberts' guest, discussed her books LIFE PUZZLE FOR TEENS and LIFEPUZZLE: PUTTING THE PIECES TOGETHER. She described several areas that each individual needs to master before achieving wholeness. It's an ongoing process of developing body, mind and spirit.

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About 500,000 people in Florida are convicted felons who have served their prison sentence. Under state law these felons have no civil rights, unless they make a personal appeal to the Governor and cabinet to have those rights restored. Of the 500,000, approximately one third are African Americans. Our guest today (Howard Simon, director of the Florida chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union) said the policy of denying voting rights is unconstitutional, racist, and akin to requiring lit...

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Privatizing Prisons?

The federal government is considering whether to locate a for-profit prison in Mulberry just east of Tampa. Ken Kopczynski of the Florida Police Benevolent Association and film maker Ashley Hunt (CORRECTIONS) described the impact for-profit prisons have on communities, local economic development and prisoners. They also discussed cases of conflict of interest in which academic supporters of privatization received compensation from the for-profit prison industry and cases where corrections ind...

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The Future of Wilderness Areas in the U.S.

interview with Charner Reese, Frank Jackalone and Jennifer Sullivan, all of whom are active in the local Sierra Club. They discussed the Bush administration's plans for oil, gas and mining in wilderness areas; the Bush energy policy; the views of labor and native people on the subject and the impact development, drilling and roadbuilding will have on three specific areas: The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, the Everglades and the Southern Utah Wilderness Area.

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The first-ever UNO Latin Film Festival taking place this weekend

An interview with film director Mica Magnoli, the co-ordinator of the festival and director of the Brazilian film TERRA DO MAR ("Land of the Sea"). She discussed the range of countries represented in this weekend's festival, the purpose of the festival, environmental concerns in Brazil and the danger of illegal border crossings.

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The origins of Mayday

An interview with Alexis Buss, the General Secretary-Treasurer of the Industrial Workers of The World. One of the nation's oldest unions, the IWW advocates for workers across the globe. She discussed the history of Mayday, worker's rights, globalization, and the state of the labor movement.

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Interview with Frank Clemente

Interview with Frank Clemente, director of Public Citizen's Congress Watch on pharmeceutical industry's role as top spender on lobbying in Congress. Also discussed was the large amount of money the prescription drug industry was donating to candidates, political parties and special interest groups in order to fight a prescription drug benefit under Medicare. orcitizen org

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