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Thursday July 31, 2014


Tampa Police Department spokesperson Katie Hughes describes the reasons officers arrested three political dissidents at the president's speech at Legend's Field. We also had raw sound from the arrest and an interview with Mauricio Rosas, one of three people arrested.

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An update on racial tension in Perry, Florida

Reporter Sally Watt describes ethnic tension in the small, north Florida town. She talks with an African American waitress at Denny's who says there are few opportunities for African American workers in her town. She also brought the voices of white residents who feel that blacks ruin property values.

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A group of anti Bush activists legally entered Legends Field on Monday night, prior to President Bush's speech. Two of the three people arrested for trespassing (Janis Lentz and Mauricio Rosas) tell their story. The peaceful protestors say they were harassed by GOP members and were wrongfully arrested.

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Students for a Drug Free White House

The Bush administration is enforcing a rule requiring all college students receiving financial aid to reveal any past history of drug convictions. If they are not completely truthful they stand to lose all of their finical aid. Using the theory that "turnabout is fair play" an activist named John Klinko has started a web site to gather petitions to ask President Bush to be absolutely honest about his past drug use (if any).

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Sherri Tenpenny, DO: Are vaccines safe?

Tenpenny discussed the arguments against vaccinations including the link between autism and vaccines. She discussed alternatives to vaccinations, the impact of vaccines on the immune system, the additives in most vaccines, and the lack of long term studies.

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Professor George Fletcher

OUR SECRET CONSTITUTION. Columbia University law Professor George Fletcher says that there are two distinct trends in the U.S. constitution. Prior to the Civil War the document emphasized voluntary association, individual freedom and republican elitism. President Lincoln ushered in the beginning of a trend toward organic nationhood, equality for all persons, and popular democracy. Although it took many years for the country to begin to achieve the latter goals, they are the bedrock of the new...

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The Bush administration's energy policy

Dan Ritzman national outreach director of the Alaska Coalition (AlaskaCoalition) and Medea Benjamin of Global Exchange (powertothepeople) discussed the California energy crisis, conservation, alternatives to fossil fuels, proposals to increase oil drilling in Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico and what listeners can do.

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Interview with Frank Wilkinson, former director of the National Committee Against Repressive Legislation

He was one of the last people imprisoned for refusing to testify before the House UnAmerican Activities Committee. He was asked to talk about integration in Los Angeles public housing in the 1950's. He was spied upon by the FBI for more than 30 years and also targeted for assassination by the government. Wilkinson learned of the extent of the surveillance after suing to get his FBI file released.

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Interview with John Gershman

Interview with John Gershman, Asia/Pacific editor of Foreign Policy In Focus and a research associate at the Institute for development Research. He discussed president Bush's proposed new arms sales to Taiwan, U.S.- China relations, multinational investment in China, human rights in China, most favored nation trading status, and the release of the 24 servicemen and women who landed on a Chinese island two weeks ago.

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