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Wednesday September 17, 2014

Forrest Church, Unitarian minister on THE JEFFERSON BIBLE (Beacon Press).

Thomas Jefferson pared down the bible, excluding the Old Testament, letters from apostles and any mention of miracles. Jefferson wanted to distill the Bible to its essence: the life of Jesus and his ethical philosophy. The result was a slim book, just 46 pages. Church, who is a minister in NYC wrote the introduction to this latest edition of THE JEFFESON BIBLE.

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The Economics of major sports events:

Today's guest, Philip Porter, a professor of Economics at the University of South Florida, has studied the economic impact of Superbowls and the Olympics for the last 12 years. He says the Superbowl in Tampa and the Olympics in Atlanta had a zero net impact on sales receipts in either community. Porter has just completed his study of the 2001 Superbowl in Tampa.

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St. Petersburg Police Department

A discussion of the St. Petersburg Police Department's use of an explosive device on a recording studio in South St. Petersburg. The device caused the building to burn to the ground and $100,000 worth of recording equipment was destroyed. Guests: Craig Johnson, rap singer and Omali Yeshitela of the African People's Socialist Party.

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Interview with Vincent Bugliosi, author of THE BETRAYAL OF AMERICA

Interview with Vincent Bugliosi, author of THE BETRAYAL OF AMERICA (Thunder's Mouth Press). Former Los Angeles deputy District Attorney Bugliosi has written a new book in which he claims that the United States Supreme Court failed to follow the law or any precedent in it's historic ruling in December 2000 which essentially stopped the vote recount and gave GWB the presidency.

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Florida governor will be selected in 500 days. Today we heard speeches by six possible Democratic candidates (Cong. Jim Davis, State Rep. Lois Frankel, State Senator Darryl Jones, Tallahassee Mayor Scott Maddox, attorney Bill MacBride, and former U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno). Charles MacKenzie, the state co-ordinator of the Rainbow Push Coalition described efforts to register voters and involve people in the political process.

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The effect of TECO coal mining in Eastern Kentucky

Our guests Irene Seals and John Branham live near McRoberts, Kentucky where TECO (the parent company of Tampa Electric) operates a strip coal mine. The residents complain that the mine subjects them to daily explosions which have knocked houses from their foundations. They also say TECO has caused environmental damage, loss of forests, disruptions to the water table, mudslides and flooding from sediment ponds. They want TECO to operate in a more responsible manner.

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