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Tuesday September 16, 2014

The first-ever UNO Latin Film Festival taking place this weekend

An interview with film director Mica Magnoli, the co-ordinator of the festival and director of the Brazilian film TERRA DO MAR ("Land of the Sea"). She discussed the range of countries represented in this weekend's festival, the purpose of the festival, environmental concerns in Brazil and the danger of illegal border crossings.

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The origins of Mayday

An interview with Alexis Buss, the General Secretary-Treasurer of the Industrial Workers of The World. One of the nation's oldest unions, the IWW advocates for workers across the globe. She discussed the history of Mayday, worker's rights, globalization, and the state of the labor movement.

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Interview with Frank Clemente

Interview with Frank Clemente, director of Public Citizen's Congress Watch on pharmeceutical industry's role as top spender on lobbying in Congress. Also discussed was the large amount of money the prescription drug industry was donating to candidates, political parties and special interest groups in order to fight a prescription drug benefit under Medicare. orcitizen org

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Interview with Jim Appelt

Interview with Jim Appelt, co-chair of Citizens for a Better Clearwater on today's referendum on whether to approve a 300 million dollar downtown redevelopment plan.

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Interview with John Graham-Pole

Interview with John Graham-Pole, author of upcoming book ILLNESS AND THE ART OF SELF-EXPRESSION (New Harbinger). Graham- Pole is a pediatric-oncologist and on the staff of the University of Florida Medical School. He says state of mind is an important component of treatment and disease survival. He advocates using art, writing and humor as a way to maintain a positive outlook while battling disease, and that studies show optimism is an important component of surviving a disease.

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Interview with Michael Canney of Cuba Vive, a group opposed to the U.S. embargo on Cuba. He discussed his group's plan to send another shipment of humanitarian aid to Cuba beginning this weekend.

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Interview with Anne Garris

nterview with Anne Garris of the Clearwater group "Save the Bayfront" which is urging people to vote no on the July 11th referendum on whether to lease five acres of city land to a developer for $1 a year.

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Interview with Robert Saunders Sr., author of "Bridging the Gap: Continuing the Florida NAACP Legacy of Harry T. Moore" (University of Tampa Press). Saunders was the Florida field secretary of the NAACP from 1952-1966. He fought against discrimination, lynchings and hostile government officials in order to help win more political and economic rights for African Americans.

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