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Saturday October 25, 2014

Do women have a right to control their bodies? & The Israel and Gaza conflict

WOMEN’S VOICES…..not being heard


How many women have you seen giving analysis of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict? I don’t mean mothers in anguish over dead or frightened civilians. Nor do I mean the spokeswomen for the various peace groups. Not many. Does it matter? SIMONA SHARONI is Jewish, lived much of her life in Israel, and served in the Israeli military. She is an internationally-known feminist scholar, res...

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Last operating Tampa cigar factory in danger of shutting down

For more than 125 years the city of Tampa has been the home to cigar factories- by the 1920’s there were 150 factories- employing tens of thousands of people. Tampa was so famous for its cigars to this day it is called Cigar City.

Now the last operating cigar factory in Tampa is facing a possible shutdown because of new regulations proposed by the Food and Drug Administration. The JC Newman Cigar Company- located on the northside of Ybor City employs 130 people, mostly women making inexpe...

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Peter Matthews on the high price of democracy in the U.S.

Peter Matthews, the author of the book “Dollar Democracy: With Liberty and Justice for some – How to reclaim the American Dream For All was our guest for the entire hour. Matthews spoke about the themes he discusses in his book, how America has become up for sale, with our politicians doing what's best for them (and their funders) than the people. He spoke to many callers throughout the hour.

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Urban Gardeners

On today’s show we talked about probiotic urban gardening, fruit trees in city parks, community and school gardens plus a lot of other edible stuff. Our guests on today’s show included our favorite Premier South-Tampa-Urban-Homesteading- Dumpster-Diving- Plant Lover, John Starnes. Also joining us for the first time was another urban gardening activist, Tanja Vidovic. Tanja and her husband Jared have been involved in several food growing projects that include getting Tampa to grow fruit tr...

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New book explores Nixon's secret White House recordings during the Watergate scandal and details on Pro-Palestinian rally in Washington

This weekend marks the 40th anniversary of President Richard Nixon’s resignation from office.

Today on Radioactivity, Rob Lorei speaks with author John Dean who has written a new book, THE NIXON DEFENSE based on Nixon’s never-before-released secret White House recordings, The Nixon Defense: What He Knew and When He Knew.

John Dean is the former White House counsel whose testimony before the Senate Watergate Committee in 1973 linked President Richard Nixon to the scandal that would b...

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Will the American middle class disappear? New book offers solutions to keep the American dream afloat and Ralph Nader's views on Gaza and Israel

Today Radioactivity explores if the middle class in the US will disappear? Rob speaks with author Peter Mathews about his new book DOLLAR DEMOCRACY: With Liberty and Justice for Some: How to Reclaim the American Dream For All. Peter Mathews is a professor, political commentator and former congressional candidate from Southern California.

Later we hear from Ralph Nader who has some views on the war going on between the Palestinians in Gaza and Israel....

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