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Monday July 28, 2014


Jim Traficant

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Former Ohio Congressman Wants to Eliminate IRS and Federal Income Tax; to Speak Next Week in Pinellas County

Today on Radioactivity, Rob Lorei speaks with former Ohio Congressman Jim Traficant, who will be speaking in Pinellas County next week.

For seventeen years Traficant represented the Youngstown area in northeast Ohio in Congress as a Democrat. In Congress he was not easy to pin down. After Republicans took control of the House he voted more often with the Republicans than his own party. Traficant was was solidly anti-abortion but he did vote against the articles of impeachment against Pres...

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Oregon Farm Coalition's fight against Monsanto and The real reason why girls are outperforming boys in school

Disadvantaged boys?

BRYCE COVERT, Economic Policy Director of Think Progress, contributor to The Nation, writer for many publications including the New York Times, Slate, the Atlantic and others. What started out to be an interview regarding the economic disadvantages women have in the workplace, particularly in light of the seemingly recent discovery that girls are outperforming boys in school, getting more degrees and are better e...

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Hillsborough County Commissioner Mark Sharpe is looking forward to the Hackathon because it's a way to attract young tech talent to the area.

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Hillsborough Hackathon looks to ease driving woes with smart car apps

Data gathered by new technology in cars could save drivers some trips to the mechanic. Software developers will be working around-the-clock this weekend at ITT Tech in Tampa during a Hillsborough County sponsored hackathon. Renz Kuipers is the CEO of Carvoyant, the company developing a new device to share a car’s data with drivers.

“Do you realize that the number one reason the check engine turns on is a loose gas cap? So, then you go into the dealership or repair shop and they charge yo...

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A Greenlight Pinellas supporter carries a sign along Belcher Road at the intersection of Bryan Dairy surrounded by opposing signs.

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Dueling Pinellas groups argue transit sales tax in the rain

The duel between pro-transit and anti-rail groups in Pinellas County is heating up ahead of November’s referendum. At issue, whether or not to hike sales tax by a penny to fund transit improvements including a cross-county passenger rail line. In demonstrations at the intersection of Bryan Dairy and Belcher Road Tuesday evening Groups were evenly split at about a dozen apiece. Shannon Evans carried a Greenlight Pinellas sign while holding her nine-month old son.

“It’s the only way to get ...

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Students for Justice in Palestine and its allies collected more than 10,000 signatures on a human rights petitions circulated for two months.

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Pro-Palestine divestment effort fails at USF Tampa

A USF Foundation committee killed an effort Wednesday to divest from companies considered human rights violators by pro-Palestinian groups. The move, initiated by USF Foundation board member Alan Bomstein, comes after Students for Justice in Palestine spent two months collecting more than 10,000 signatures supporting pulling investments from companies like Lockheed Martin and Caterpillar.

“The USF Foundation will not divest investments based on requests from individuals or groups nor will...

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Ladd Everitt, Director of Communications Coalition to Stop Gun Violence

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National Coalition works to reduce gun violence

Yesterday, an estimated 20,000 people including students, families and community members at the University of California, Santa Barbara held a vigil mourning six of their fellow students who were killed last week in a deadly rampage.

The killer, Elliot Rodger, fatally stabbed his roommates and then went on a shooting rampage in the Isla Vista community near the campus, before apparently fatally shooting himself. Another 13 people were injured in the attack.

In recent years we’ve been ...

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Supreme Court rules in favor of developmentally disabled Florida death row prisoner

Tuesday the U.S. Supreme Court narrowly ruled for a developmentally disabled Florida death row inmate saying states must consider things besides just an intelligence test score to determine if a prisoner with borderline mental disability can be executed.

The justices ruled that Florida cannot only rely on an IQ score above 70 to keep an inmate from claiming mental disability.

WMNF interviewed Mark Elliott, executive director of [Floridians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty](http://...

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Expert witness testifies Florida Congressional maps are gerrymandered

A statistics professor testified Tuesday that new political maps drawn by Florida legislators have a significant partisan bias.

Professor Jonathan Katz was questioned on the stand by attorney Abha Khanna during the trial to determine whether legislators broke the law when drawing up new maps for Congress.

"All we really need to do is to follow that simple recipe that I gave you about how to draw an efficient partisan gerrymander. In fact all this technique is doing is allowing us ex po...

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