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Saturday November 29, 2014


Is Alzheimer’s a health crisis for women? and Seeking Accountability for Gaza

Health Crisis?

30 years ago it was the “Big C.” Nobody mentioned the word cancer, it wasn’t talked about – “out of sight, out of mind.” Now it is the “Big A.” People don’t want to about Alzheimer’s, it seems closed and hidden from us. Yet it is probably the number one health emergency in the country.

With October and Breast Cancer Awareness month coming, most women know that one of eight of them will get Breast Cancer. But are you aware that one of six will get Alzheimer’s? Th...

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Today on the Last Call, Warren Elly discusses Suicide. It kills a million people a year worldwide but there are things you and I can do to prevent it.

It’s a national tragedy that nearly 40-thousand Americans of all ages take their own lives every year, leaving over a quarter million survivors in need of comfort and support. Experts say depression is the main symptom precluding a suicide and research shows it can be treated in most cases.

Sadly it’s the stigma of suicide that pushe...

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New documentary tells the story of Muslim woman who defied Nazis during World War Two & Part two of medical marijuana forum

Today on Radioactivity Rob Lorei speaks with filmmaker Alex Kronemer about a Muslim woman who defied the Nazis during World War Two. Alex Kronemer is the co-founder of Unity Productions Foundation, a production company the specializes in films about Islam and Muslims aimed at creating greater awareness, understanding, and a call to interfaith action. She is the co-Executive producer along with Michael Wolfe of the up coming PBS documentary, [Enemy of the Reich: The Noor Inayat Khan Story]...

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photo by Tom Baur / WMNF News.

Activists at Port Tampa Bay rally, but are unable to stop an Israeli ship from unloading its cargo

Protesters greeted a ship from an Israeli company on Saturday.

They join others at ports around the country drawing attention to the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

The dozen or so activists were not able to stop the ship from unloading its cargo, but raised awareness of the campaign to protest the Israeli shipping company.

About 40 non violent peace activists braved the intense noon day August sun to protest the unloading of the Israeli cargo ship Zim Alabama. They set up along ...

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St Pete Rally Against Police Violence and Militarization

photo by Samuel Johnson

Ferguson solidarity rally in St. Pete to end police violence and militarization

Some citizens of St. Petersburg are outraged the at the militarization of the city's police and systemic racial inequality. They gathered in peaceful rally Saturday to show solidarity with the people of Ferguson, Missouri. The protesters' contempt for police injustice isn't a question of better police public relations; it goes much deeper.

Issues like ethnic injustice and inequality have reverberated around the country following the fatal shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. So...

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photo by photo by Guilhem Vellut/Flickr

Medical Marijuana Forum asks should Florida join the other 23 states that have legalized majiuana for medical use?

Today on Radioactivity airs a Medical Marijuana Forum that The Lakeland Ledger sponsored. The forum features both advocates and opponents who discuss if Florida should join the other 23 states that have legalized majiuana for medical use?

The forum took place at Harrison School for the Arts auditorium. Panelists included Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd; John Morgan, chairman of the United for Care Campaign; Jessica Spencer, statewide coalition director of Vote No on 2; Irvin Rosenfeld, a...

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Joshua Lenes and Aaron Carmella

State of the labor movement

Today on Radioactivity Rob Lorei speaks to Joshua Lenes, a member of the United Faculty of Florida and the Graduate Students Union at USF along with Aaron Carmella of Florida AFL-CIO about the state of the labor movement.

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Gardening with Nate & Mehmet

We had an enjoyable Labor Day Sustainable Living Show with a couple of interesting guests. Last year we sold vegetables at the Twilight Market in Ybor City and met a way cool couple that were selling their inner-city duck eggs, veggies, potted plants and a great variety of Jams and Jellies. Nate and Charlie always arrived in their hippy hand-painted car and we enjoyed our evening plant talks. Nate Chetelat joined the show and talked about urban farming with mainly perennials on a rented lot...

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photo by David Bryant/WMNF News.

John Morgan and Grady Judd spar during Lakeland debate on medical marijuana

In front of a raucous standing-room-only crowd of almost 700 people Thursday night, six panelists argued in favor or against Amendment 2, the Florida medical marijuana initiative, which voters will decide on November 4. The forum was held at Harrison School of the Arts in Lakeland on August 28. As the moderator, Lakeland Ledger Editor Lenore Devore, pointed out, it was designed to be an educational session, not a debate. Audience members were encouraged not to applaud or speak out, but the ra...

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Scott McIntyre and State Representative Dwight Dudley

Radioactivity explores utility regulation and green energy in Florida

Today on Radioactivity talks about utility regulation and green energy- are state regulators giving electric utility companies what they need or are regulators too soft on utility companies?

Electric utility companies are big news in Florida. With rate increases, advanced cost recovery fees, and big changes in energy conservation programs- the electric utilities have become a major issue in this year’s governor’s race.

Today's show features several guests including free market economi...

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