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Tuesday September 16, 2014


Mark Ferrulo, Executive Director of Progress Florida

The champions of Florida’s middle class in this year’s legislative session

Who were the champions of the middle class in this year’s legislative session? Today on Radioactivity, Rob Lorei speaks with Mark Ferrulo of Progress Florida a statewide progressive activist group which has for the past several years named an annual list of Champions of Florida’s Middle Class.

Whether it’s handing out tax breaks for their campaign donors, funneling public school funding to unaccountable for-profit schools, blocking access to health care ...

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Sign at Iraq forum hosted by St. Pete for Peace.

photo by Seán Kinane/WMNF News.

Peace activists to demonstrate against action in Iraq Friday at MacDill

Local peace groups will protest possible U.S. military actions in Iraq this week near the Tampa command center for southwest Asia.

United States Central Command is housed at South Tampa’s MacDill Air Force Base and for years, anti-war demonstrations have used the location to oppose military strikes.

During a forum on Iraq in St. Petersburg Monday night hosted by St. Pete for Peace, participants decided to [protest outside MacDill this Friday at 4 p.m.](htt...

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photo by Seán Kinane/WMNF News (April 2012).

Tampa rolls out new wildflower project in parks

The City of Tampa is trying out a new project to plant wildflowers at three parks in hopes to save money while also beautifying the parks.

The wildflowers have been planted at Gadsden Park, Rowlett Park, and the New Tampa Overpass. Brad Suder is a superintendent in the city’s parks and recreation department.

“When we started looking at this we also realized, well is that aesthetic to the roadways we can actually reduce cost of our maintenance operations in terms of our mowing contrac...

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Southwest Florida drilling plan faces new bump in the road

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection is requiring a drilling company to answer questions during a series of public meetings in Southwest Florida. The head of South Florida Wildlands Association, Matt Schwartz, weighs in on a drilling proposal near the Everglades in Collier County.

"One question I've asked from the beginning that never got answered is to show us an actual map of the lease area and lay that map over the public lands in the area. What I've seen is just kind of ...

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Florida on the hook for $250,000 for firing whistleblower

Lawyers for a fired state worker say Florida could owe nearly $2 billion to people who were incorrectly reported to credit agencies. Former Department of Economic Opportunity employee Dianne Parcell spoke during a press conference in Tallahassee Monday.

Parcell’s lawyer released video of the woman talking about what happened to her.

A jury is making the state pay $250,000 in attorney’s fees and damages for Parcell’s firing.

To date, the state of Florida has not taken steps to addres...

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Matt Howard

Director for Iraq Veterans Against the War discusses the current situation in Iraq

Radioactivity welcomes guest is Matt Howard communications director for Iraq Veterans Against the War, who served two tours in Iraq as a US Marine.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney said he wants U.S. troops sent back in Iraq to halt Sunni militants now conquering large parts of the country to and support resistance fighters in Syria.

We play a part of this Cheney interview with Jonathan Karl on ABC yesterday morning:

<script height="360px" width=...

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FUN-gus Permaculture Show

On today’s show we started with a short interview with Kip Curtis, founder of the Edible Peace Patch Project in South St Pete about a talk he’ll be doing Friday, June 27, from 5 to 8 PM at Tanja & Jared’s Sulphur Springs Urban Farm about the National Farm to Fork School movement. Then mycologist, Florida Earth Skills Gathering Founder, and Florida off- grid homesteader and permaculturist, Mycol Stevens, joined...

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Hillsborough County forums could cut back on slumlord claims

Hillsborough County and Tampa have been having trouble with slumlords. Jim Blinck is the county’s division director of code enforcement. Blinck is talking to residents and owners at a forum about their rights and responsibilities.

The Landlord and Tenant forum Tuesday at the University Area Community Development Corporation on North 22nd Street in Tampa. It starts at 9:00 a.m. and will last about two hours.

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Florida Governor Rick Scott during a campaign stop in Brandon in April.

photo by Janelle Irwin

Rick Scott's Spanish radio ad scores a GOOOOAAAAALLLLLLL!!!!!!!

Callers weigh in on a conservative Christian conference and a new Rick Scott Add.

Here's the translated transcript:

ANNOUNCER #1: We are at the beginning of this extremely important match for Florida.

ANNOUNCER #2: On one end, Charlie Crist, who abandoned us as Governor when things got difficult. On the other end the current governor, Rick Scott, who keeps working to get the state's economy on the right track.

ANNOUNCER #1 : Crist is issued a red card ... (Whistle blows) ... For ...

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