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Wednesday July 1, 2015


Server carrying food at Cafe Flore in San Francisco

photo by torbakhopper

food service advocacy group pushes for raising the federal minimum wage for tipped employees

We start off today's Radioactivity discussing the Freddie Gray case, particularly a claim circulating around conservative blogs that Gray had a previous spinal cord injury that might have contributed to his death after falling into a coma in the back of a police van. [The Washington Post reported last week] that that claim of a preexisting condition is not true.

Then we look at the minimum wage for tipped restaurant employees, which is $2.13 at the federal level and $5.03 in Florida. we l...

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Radioactivity chats with political comedian Jimmy Dore

Today on Radioactivity, Host Rob Lorei talks with comedian Jimmy Dore, host of the political satire radio show The Jimmy Dore Show from Pacifica Radio KPFK 90.7 FM in Los Angeles. The Show takes jabs at political figures and the mainstream media. It also airs on WMNF's HD3 channel, available on HD radio and online. Dore also released a series of satirical essays in a book titled *Your Country Is Just Not That Into You: How the Media, Wall Street, and Both Political Parties Keep on Screwing Y...

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Hillsborough County School District Task force member Dipa Shah on fixing the school to prison pipeline

Brandon based attorney Dipa Shah was an unsuccessful candidate for the Hillsborough County School Board last fall, but she's making a contribution now, as a member of a task force that is mandated with looking at ways at amending school policies when it comes to disciplining black and brown youth in the school district.

Shah also discussed her view on former superintendent MaryEllen Elia, and what it was like running for office for the first time last year.

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Florida Governor Rick Scott.

photo by Seán Kinane/WMNF News (Mar. 2015).

Group says Koch Brothers are close with Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and Rick Scott

A liberal group critical of the influence of the Koch Brothers on politics is slamming the billionaires’ ties with three Florida Republicans.

In a conference call Thursday the group American Bridge announced findings of their report called “Florida Man Buys State: Koch Impacts in the Sunshine State.”

Their director of special projects, Pete Jones, says the Kochs have cultivated tight relationships with Governor Rick Scott, Senator Marco Rubio and former gover...

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Radioactivity plays segments of the Jimmy Dore Show

Today on Radioactivity, We listen to a segment of the Jimmy Dore Show, a political satire radio show from KPFK in Los Angeles, that looks at the public re-emergence of former New York Times journalist Judith Miller, as well as the Benghazi Scandal. Host Rob Lorei then opens up the phone lines to WMNF listeners.

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Lenice Emanuel of the YWCA Tampa Bay, one of the charities participating in Give Day Tampa Bay

photo by Rob Lorei

Give Day Tampa Bay 24-hour drive helps raise money for over 500 local charities

Today is the second annual Give Day Tampa Bay, a 24-hour drive to raise money for charities throughout the Tampa Bay Area. Last year the drive raised over 1 million for over 385 area charities. This year nearing 550 charities are joining the event. We talk with Ned Pope, President of Florida Next Foundation which started the drive from an idea to cultivate a culture of philanthropy in the Bay Area. We also speak with representa...

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National Guard fires tear gas into a crowd of student protestors

photo by Bettmann/CORBIS

Project Censored commemorates 45th anniversary of the Kent State University shootings

Today is the 45th anniversary of the Kent State Shootings, in which National Guardsmen fired in a group of student protesters at Kent State University in Ohio, killing four and wounding 9 of the students. We listen to an excerpt of the Project Censored Radio Show from last week,hosted by Mickey Huff and Peter Phillips, with an interview with Joseph Lewis, who was wounded by two gun shots at Kent,and Laurel Krause, whose...

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MidPoint callers weigh in on running from police

On Friday, Baltimore State's Attorney announced charges against six police officers in the death of Freddie Gray; on Monday MidPoint callers weighed in on whether it's legal -- or wise -- to run from police.

During the show I quoted from this Associated Press article:

Can you run from police? US courts apply a double standard CURT ANDERSON, AP Legal Affairs Writer JULIET LINDERMAN, AP Legal Affairs Writer

BALTIMORE (AP) — When police spotted Freddie Gray and he took off ...

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photo by Rob Rowan

Local charity holds earthquake relief concert for Nepal

We talk with Rob Rowan, whose charity organization Global Action Coalition will be holding an earthquake relief concert for Nepal. The south asian country was hit by a devastating earthquake last week that killed over 6000 people, including 19 climbers on Mount Everest. The Nepalese government is appealing for international aid in face of a shortage of tents and food for many people that have been left homeless. The jazz concert will take place at the P...

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