WMNF is given the 2012 Community Water Wise Award!!! Thanks to Gail & Paul Carroll


WMNF received the City of Tampa Business Community Water Wise Award from the Hillsborough County Cooperative Extension Services/USF-IFAS (Institute of Food & Agricultural Sciences). (in the picture: Janet Bowers, Vicki Sinclair, Mike and Barbara Fite, John Walter, Lara Penney, Ron Chicone, Gail Carroll, and Paul Carroll.)

They wrote: There are several elements of your landscape that are positive examples of Florida-Friendly Landscaping practices. These include native plants and non-native adaptive plants, drought- tolerant trees and plants, grouping of plants with similar water and maintenance needs and the use of alternative mulches that are environmentally-friendly. It is very impressive how you have utilized the parking lots and roof drains to create a swale, and your landscape beds serve to retain stormwater runoff on the property. Your landscape is very aesthetically pleasing and has great curb appeal... ...Overall, your landscape is beautiful and inviting...

Gail and Paul Carroll have been instrumental in creating and maintaining WMNF's beautiful and righteous yard. The Florida Native Plant Society has donated many plants to WMNF as well, and other volunteers have helped take care of our wonderful landscape. Thanks to them and to everyone who helped WMNF get this award!