Doug Gallagher is currently running in third place for the republican nomination for Florida’s open US senate seat. Bet Gallagher hoping the release of a new 15-minute campaign movie will help him pull close in the race with Mel Martinez and Bill McCollum, as the august 31st primary approaches. Gallagher premiered the video in Miami last week, and today showed in Tampa for the first time to a group of his supporters. WMNF’s Andrew Stelzer was there and has this report.



ACT “How can we hope to change the country�

Gallagher new video, titled, “America, how great can we make it?� talks about how he is different from the people currently in congress, who make the same mistakes over and over and don’t make any progress for the American people. In keeping with the theme of this years republican campaign rhetoric, the issue of evil lawyers becomes a focus of his criticism.

ACT ..The United States senate is a very exclusive club…62 are lawyers, and they stay 24 years…and we wonder why things never really change..we send the same people year

Gallagher is currently polling at 16 percent, behind Bill McCollum at 21 percent, and Mel Martinez at 27 percent, but he’s hoping his personality will help him as the primary approaches, he pointed out that potential voters viewed him favorably 29 percent of the time, and unfavorably only 10 percent of the time, and that ratio is better than his competitors. He credits his life experience as an average person for his appeal, citing the economic hardships he faced before starting a multi million dollar soft ware company

ACT “I suspect I’m the only candidate that stood din an unemployment line, and I still remember two mortgages and two car payments

And Gallagher had some examples of other untraditional politicians who he held as role models.

ACT “Look at what Jeb Bush has done, Arnold too, both fresh thinkers…�

Gallagher called the United States 500 billion dollar deficit reprehensible, and advocated for a cap on all spending by congress for everything except defense. However, he said he wants to make Bush’s tax cuts permanent, throw out tax code and replace it with a flat tax. Regarding education, Gallagher said Florida’s teachers should get large raises, but if their students don’t meet standards, they should lose their jobs, and the same with principals. He supports NAFTA, FTAA, and the patriot act, and also supports letting Americans buy prescription drugs from Canada. Gallagher seemed to have opposing views on energy policy…while on one hand he said…

ACT “I believe we need an energy policy, and we ought to emphasize alternative fuel sources.

But he also said…


Although he was critical of a republican controlled senate, he said he is a proud republican, and did not criticize any particular senators by name. Doug Gallagher also said he believes there should be no amnesty for illegal aliens entering the US, and said we should not allow citizens of countries which we determine are harboring terrorists from entering the country.

ACT “We should restrict entry to the country for citizens and their children from any country ..children who might want to go to school there…I also think we should enforce helms Burton 3 and 4.�

WMNF asked Gallagher about a few of the issues he referred to in his speech and video

ACT Voting, immigration…

For more information go to The republican and democratic primaries are on august 31st.

For WMNF news, I’m Andrew Stelzer

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