Last night at the Democratic Convention, the Democrats touted their party's appeal to Blacks and Latinos, boasting that 40 percent of the delegates are from either ethnic groups, gay or disabled.

But Miami Republican Congressman Mario Diaz Balart, yesterday called John Kerry 'insensitive' because a staunch supporter made negative remarks about the language used by Blacks, Southerners and others a decade ago.

Christie Vilsack, wife of Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack, made the remarks in a 1994 newspaper column that was unearthed this week by the Boston Herald. She is scheduled to address the convention tonight.

In a teleconference today set up by Republicans, African-American State Representative Jennifer Carroll blasted Ms. Vilsack's comments (roll tape#1 o.q."such a short period of time")

In those comments, written a 1994 column in the Mount Pleasant News, Vilsack wrote that southerners seem to have 'slurred speech', wrote that she'd rather learn Polish than try to speak like people from New Jersey, and said she was fascinated at the way that some African-Americans speak to each other in an English she struggled to understand, then switch to standard English when the situation requires...

Also on the teleconference, Florida Lieutenant Governor Toni Jennings said all of the speeches she heard last night at the Convention, were a lot of Bush Bashing

(roll tape# 2o.q."for homeland security")

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