Today Florida Republican Senate Candidate Larry Klayman joined a growing chorus of Democrats and other progressive organizations is calling for paper backups to electronic voting machines to be used in 15 Florida counties at the end of this month.

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Klayman, the former head of the litigious friendly advocacy group Judicial Watch, says he may be the only Republican in his Senate race expressing concerns about how Florida's vote will pan out this month with the touch-screen machines, but he says last week's story regarding Miami Dade County Republicans receiving brochures advising them to vote absentee proves his point (roll tape#2 o.q."is voting")

Those communications urging Republicans to vote Absentee angered many critics of touch screen voting, who have been criticized by Secretary of State Glenda Hood and other state officials for 'undermining' the integrity of the voting system. WMNF asked GOP Senate Candidate Larry Klayman , what did he make of that story?

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That candidate Klayman was referring to is former Housing Secretary Mel Martinez, who is now being challenged another Republican challenger , Doug Gallagher, because of a new commercial which features President Bush praising Martinez, long considered the White House choice to run for Senate.

Klayman, who is trailing in the GOP race for Senate, also criticized front-runner Bill McCollum, who yesterday formally endorsed the 9/11 Commission's Report. Klayman says that report strongly criticizes Congress' lack of initiative in combating terrorism....McCollum has been boasting about his time on the House Intelligence Committee during his time in Congress as a positive, saying it reflects his experience on the subject.

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