Tonight beginning at 6:30, members of the animal rights group PETA- People For Ethical Treatment of Animals - are protesting in front of the Florida Acquirium in the Channelside District of Tampa, after learning that the Acquirium is hosting a fund-raiser they're calling a "Sushi Showdown", a cooking competition to raise money for an aquarium.

WIlliam Rivas-Rivas is from PETA...He says his group couldn't believe what they were hearing upon learning of the theme of tonight's fundraiser (Roll tape#1 o.q."promote their mission")

One PETA protestor is reportadley demonstrating in a 6 foot tall fish costume..

William Rivas Rivas says that after PETA contacted the Florida Acquirium and expressed their displeasure upon learning of their Sushi fundraiser, he was contacted by the Acquirium's CEO, Thomas Stork (roll tape#2 o.q."to comment on ")

And again that protest taking place in front of the Acquirium will go on from 6:30 to 7:30 Tonight...

For more information on this part of PETA's campaign, you can to their website, WWW.

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