The New York Times reported today that elderly black people in Orlando have been interrogated by police over the past few weeks. Law enforcement officials will say no more than the interviews are part of an investigation of voter fraud—many of those being interviewed by police voted by absentee ballot. Many citizens are scared that they may be doing something illegal, either by voting absentee, or by being a part of the Orlando League of voters, a group of citizens which has been conducting get out the vote events in the black community for many years. Some civil rights advocates are calling it a classic case of southern voter intimidation, where black people are scared away from the polls on Election Day. Elliot Minceberg is vice-president of the people for the American way foundation, a group that has been working to expose and fix voter disenfranchisement problems in Florida.


If you or someone you know is having problems registering to vote or voting, or feel you are a victim of voter intimidation, call the National election Protection hotline toll-free at 866-OUR-VOTE

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