today was a rather classically typically late summer day in the Bay Area, many schools and other parts of Government were closed down - because of decisions made 3 days ago that Hurricane Ivan could be coming close to the Tampa area sometime today or tonight.

USF was open, but the University of Tampa closed down early on Friday afternoon, and will not open until Wednesday at the earliest, as is the case with Stetson University in Gulfport.

Pinellas , Hillsborough, Hernando and Citrus County schools were all closed today

But there were a couple of School Districts who did not prematurely make a decision that cost them a school day today.

Sheila Weiss is a spokesperson for the Sarasota School District. Unlike Hillsborough , they opted NOT to make any type of decision last Friday (roll tape#1 o.q."on Friday)

Like many bay area schools, some Sarasota campuses are used for shelters. But yesterday the Sarasota Emergency Operations Center realized shelters would NOT be needed - at least not for now (roll tape#2 o.q."but I don't have the figures")

Spokesperson Sheila Weiss says that due to Hurricanes Charlie and Frances, Sarasota

Schools have only had to cancel 2 days of schools so far.

Laurie Youscow is a spokesperson for the Pasco School District. They never made an announcement to close down today, and as a result didn't have to worry about some students getting conflicting information. (roll tape#3 o.q."have kids come to school today")

Pasco has missed 3 days of instruction so far this semester, 2 because of Frances and 1 for Charley. As far as how to best make up those days, Pasco School District spokesperson Laurie Youscow says that is something that school officials are trying to work out, if they can ever get the time in inbetween Hurricane warnings (roll tape#4 o.q.

"final decision")

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