INTRO: As the November election date comes closer, Small groups across the bay area have been coming together to rally members to their cause. On Thursday, in Pinnellas Park, about four hundred fifty members of the Greater Pinellas Democratic club gathered to support the Kerry-Edwards ticket. This past weekend, about one hundred fifty members of the Florida Alliance of Retired Americans, FLARA, came together for three days in New Port Richey to Rally and demonstrate against the Bush Administration. The National; Alliance of Retired Americans have roughly three million members, many of them retired UAW members. This past weekend, WMNF’s Mark Antokas attended the rally and demonstration in New Port Richey and files this report.

SCRIPT: The National Association of Retired Americans, a liberal answer to the AARP, held their quarterly meeting and a rally for Kerry-Edwards this past Saturday and held a demonstration against the administration’s poisition on healthcare and prescription drugs. The group formally endorsed the campaign of Betty Castor, who is seeking retiring Senator Bob Graham’s seat. Roll Tape.

Congressman Jim Davis was in attendance and offered his comments relating to the Presidents Healthcare direction. Roll Tape:

John Coyne is chairman of the retired UAW workers and the organizer of the FLARA rally and demonstration. Coyne is not happy with the direction the the President has taken. Roll Tape:

John Coyne joined the other twenty five elderly demonstrators in condemning the administration and speaks out against what he sees as the liberal adgenda during the demonstration. Roll Tape:

Rich, a cabdriver from New Port Richey, stopped his cab in order to confront some demonstrators. The cab idled while he argued with one demonstrator, while the cab burned oil. Roll Tape:

Sock Out: And then Rich, the cabbie, disappeared in a cloud of burning oil onto the U.S. roadway. This is Mark Antokas for WMNF radio news.

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