Filmmaker John Sayles has always been an iconoclast in his work - one who attacks established beliefs, customs and institutions.

Sayles film’s have mostly been about the “working Man�….Among his best known works include “Lone Star�, “8 Men out�, “Brother From Another Planet�, and most recently, “Sunshine State�.

It was during the making of that film with his cast and crew- expressing their disbelief of the emphasis on chads rather than voters were expunged from the voting rolls that in 2000 that spurred his interest to make a politically resonant film for the 2004 Election.

Now comes “Silver City�, being released in some cities across the country today -though not until next week in the Tampa Bay Area.

Sayles spoke a few weeks ago with WMNF’s Art In Your Ear film Critic, Diane Howe Eberly, about his new film…Sayles says he’d like to awaken the mainstream media (roll tape#1 o.q.�they’ll let you know about them�)

That’s Filmmaker John Sayles, discussing the political scene and his new film “Silver City�, to be released next week in Tampa Bay. He spoke to WMNF’s Diane Howe Eberly. We’ll air the 2nd part of this interview NEXT Friday Evening on the WMNF Evening News.

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