Ray McGovern, a former CIA analyst, was at the University of South Florida’s Tampa campus today. McGovern served under Presidents from Kennedy thru George Bush Senior. McGovern has been outspoken about the Bush administrations misuse intelligence, and the politicizing of the agency. He began his speech by talking about the history of the CIA

ACT ‘The CIA was founded in 1957 for 2 reasons..to inform the pres, and to have 1 department with no policy agenda…that’s the way it was for almost 27 year while I was in the CIA.�

McGovern said that during the Vietnam War, his illusions of the purity of the CIA were shattered.

ACT “But id like to go to 2002…Jim Mcdermott was…he answered yes—Lyndon Johnson….Sam Adams found out that there were twice as many arms as we thought…we served up the estimate to the director of the CIA, and guess what he did, he said you guys don’t understand..its necessary to protect the agency in these things…the last thing we can to do..instead he sent up a falsified estimate. We were aghast.one of the senior officials. ..sam have we gotten beyond the reach of reasonable honesty that was 1967.. in 1989 in January—Tet happened..how many Vietnamese attacked..well there must have been 500 thousand, Washington was shocked..Cronkite said he had been lied to..those 2 leaks created a profound divide in policy..the leaks changed the times. What should I do with respect to Vietnam? Seek a solution, and Mr. president with Kennedy and McCarthy. and so on the 31st of March, LBJ went before the television screens and said no term. No what would have happened in Sam Adams and I had gone to the press in 1967 with a cable that said we cant go with the real number because the press would have a hey day..he wrote it this is a moral dilemma,. Well I regret that I didn’t go the the NYTimes theres an outside right hand side of the Vietnam memorial.�

ACT “What we are trying to do is make an appeal to the intelligence community.�

That was Ray McGovern, former CIA analyst. Well hear more from him later this week about the manufactured intelligence related to the US war on Iraq.

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