With today being the last day to register to vote in Florida, there were voters registration drives throughout the state this weekend, one of which was the artists and voters festival and ball. Held on Saturday at the Cuban club in Ybor city, a nighttime costume ball served as the fundraising part of the event with the goal of raising awareness about the candidates, and the need to register to vote before the deadline, which is 8pm tonight. WMNF’s Andrew Stelzer has more



The event featured candidates for local, state and national offices, and non-partisan groups hoping to educate the public about how to be an informed voter.

WMNF spoke to several members of the young voter alliance, who were registering voters at the festival, to find out why--- young people are not typically involved in the political process in the United States.


Una Fessenden volunteers with project vote smart, an organization that provides information on the voting record of every candidate, and a rating of what issues they support, as determined by advocacy organization, both right and left wing.

ACT ‘This is a tool for me because I want to be informed..but I don't have to be one issue voter, he’s against gun control, it’s laid its not gonna have all the nuances, how can we.

Sheree Hopkins, one of the organizers of the young voter alliance, says that when people understand all the sacrifices, which have been in the struggle for people to gain the right to vote. they then see why its important to vote.

ACT …most politicians are twice their age.�

The deadline to register to vote is tonight at 9pm—that’s at the county center downtown on Kennedy Boulevard in the elections supervisors office on the 16th floor

For more information about how to be an informed voter, log onto, or

For WMNF news, I’m Andrew Stelzer

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