INTRO: With the November election nearing, both the Republican and the Democratic Parties have been holding ever increasing rally’s in order to get out the vote. This past weekend, former Mayor Rudolph Guilliani spoke to an audience in Pasco County for George W. Bush. Pasco county narrowly went with Democratic nominee Al Gore in 2000. WMNF’s Mark Antokas attended the rally and files this report:

SCRIPT: Yesterday, at the West Campus of Pasco-Hernando Community College in New port Richey, about eight hundred registered republicans gathered to hear Hizzonner, former New York Mayor Rudi Guilliani speak at a rally for George W. Bush. Guillani the 107th mayor of the City was just months short of retiring from the post when the World Trade Center was attacked. Despite criticisms from survivors spouses questioning pre September 11th intellegence and health issues still plagueing first responders, the Republican party and the George Bush campaign relies heavily on the events post 9/11 to get their message across. In Florida, a battleground state in the coming election, both parties are coming on strong, pumping up the party faithfull. The event Sunday was limited to registered Republicans, and the press. Congressman Mike Bilirakis, introduced the former mayor, and explained what it means to be a Republican. Roll tape:

Like George W Bush who visited Florida during the past hurricanes and promised federal dollars in aid, Guilliani evoked images of the 9/11 attack, firing up the audience. Roll Tape:

Guilliani spoke of his impressions of the first presidential debate, last week. The audience chanted the presidential line. Roll Tape:

The former Mayor of New York City was nicknamed “Mayor Boffo� by his critics, an allusion to his strong arm tactics in getting the homeless off the streets. Guillani attempted humor in his presentation, alluding to President Bush’s 2000 opponent, Al Gore. Roll Tape:

Guilliani, not content to rest on his laurels, succumbed to slamming of other countries. Roll Tape:

In closing, Guilliani said that the New York City firefighters Union supported George W. Bush. This, despite lingering health claims by firefighters still not addressed by the administration and allegations that in the days after 9/11, the EPA gave the all-clear for air quality around ground zero. Roll Tape:

Later, after the speech, Guilliani spoke to reporters. Roll Tape:

SOCK-OUT: According to the Associated Press, the formula for homeland security funding to the states has been criticized for giving sparsely populated states like Wyoming, more funding per capita, leaving larger terrorist targets like New York and New Jersey holding the bag. The international Association of firefighters, a larger group than the NYC firefighters Union, have backed John Kerry. John Kerry, according to retired UAW president John Coyne in Pasco county will appear in Hudson on Oct 16th, at the USA fleamarket. This is Mark Antokas, for WMNF, radio news.

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