In Coral Gables last week, Last week Presidential candidate Ralph Nader made a half-hearted attempt to get into the 1st Presidential Debate………Nader sued the Presidential Commission on Debates after he was excluded from the debates back in 2000.

The last time - and perhaps only time in recent memory - there have been 3 candidates present for a Presidential Debate was back in 1992, when Independent Ross Perot joined up with Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush.

In 1980, there was also an independent that was NOT invited to the only debate between Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter, but got a significant amount of votes…That would be John Anderson, the former Illinois Republican Congressman who finished with 5 million, 720,000 votes….Last Thursday evening in Coral Gables before a debate between the Green and Libertarian candidates for President, Anderson spoke about one of his passions, Instant Run-Off Voting.

(roll tape#1 o.q.�high on our agenda�)

That’s former Independent Presidential Candidate John B. Anderson, who ran for President and received 6.6% percent of the vote in the 1980 election…He spoke in Coral Gables last Thursday night, across the street from the Kerry-Bush Debate.

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