Tonight at the Tampa Theatre, there will be a screening about a man considered to be one of the country’s greatest environmentalists - David Brower. ..Brower died 4 years ago in Berkeley at the age of 88……He served as the 1st Executive Director of the Siera Club, a position he held from 1952 through 1969. During his tenure, the organization's membership rose from 2,000 to 77,000.

In 1969 he founded Friends of the Earth along with the League of Conservation Voters and initiated the founding of independent Friends of the Earth Organization. In 1982, Brower founded the Earth Island Institute, an organization that works to bring peace, environmental and social justice together. Kelly Duane is the filmmaker who made “Monumental: David Brower's Fight for Wild America", that screens tonight at 7:30 at the Tampa Theatre…We spoke her this afternoon about the film (roll tape#1 o.q.�context, so�) That’s documentary filmmaker Kelly Duane, speaking about her film on environmentalist David Brower, called “Monumental�…It screens at the Tampa Theatre at 7:30 tonight…and afterwards, the President of the Sierra Club, Larry Fahn, will participate in a question and answer session…Again, “Monumental�Screens at the Tampa Theatre at 7:30PM..

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