Rampant voter fraud in Florida will disqualify 200,000 mainly Democratic and African-American voters in 2 weeks…..That’s what journalist Greg Palast alleges in an article to be published in Harpers magazine next week.

In anticipation of the publication of his piece, Palast hosted a nationwide teleconference today…

Palast first reached fame as the reporter who broke the story about the egregiously inaccurate Felon list that was used in 2000 in Florida, which led to tens of thousands of people being barred from voting. Florida is one of just 6 states that does not automatically restore a citizen’s civil and voting rights after they serve their time.

Palast claims there were 93,000 people listed on that database - and says that because the state ended up throwing out a revised list this year of 47,000 felons, the state is going back to that ‘bad list.

(roll tape#1 o.q.�get locked out�)

Another eye-popping part of Palast’s article regards how many voters he says will be dis-enfranchised by the new voting technology. Palast alleges that in the 15 counties that use touch-screen voting, there will be an additional 27,000 votes ‘spoiled’, or thrown out because of undervotes. He was asked how he comes up with that number(roll tape#2 o.q.�a bigger turnout�)

Also present on the teleconference was Ralph Neas, from the People for the American Way Foundation, which is sponsoring the Election Protection Campaign that will use between 20 to 25,000 people to work as Poll Monitors…as well as 56 field offices, and 38 legal command posts…

Neas also mentioned that the Justice Department themselves will have over 1,000 monitors to go to voting precincts throughout the country. Neas explains how Election Protection coverage will work (roll tape#3 o.q.� how to use that machine�)

Again, that website referred to by Ralph Neas of the People for the American Way Foundation is

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