INTRO: With the coming election just weeks away, the Bay area is receiving a lot of attention from the campaign of George W. Bush. This morning, the President attended a rally in St. Petersburg, the first stop of his Bay Area tour. Afterwards, the President appeared with his brother, the Governor, in Pasco County for a rally, which drew more than seven thousand of the party faithful. Later he would travel to The Villages, a sprawling retirement area encompassing Marion, Sumpter, and Lake Counties. From Pasco County, WMNF’s Mark Antokas reports:

SCRIPT: This was the largest gathering of a political rally at Sims Park in recent memory. Vice President Dan Quayle came to town in 1992. Pasco County has in recent months been getting a larger dose of Republican presence, due to the fact that the county narrowly went with Al Gore in the 2000 election. Neither Senator Kerry nor John Edwards has appeared yet, despite rumors to t6he contrary. Like in the second debate, the President today came out swinging against the Kerry-Edwards ticket. Roll Tape:

The President soon launched into tried and true sound bites, attacking his opponent on his liberal voting record. Roll Tape:

The President touched upon his plan for “strengthening� Social Security, a plan which has also been called “Privatizing�. Roll Tape:

President Bush, a born again Christian, has reaped the benefits from being connected to the American Christian Fundamentalists in his campaigns. He spoke of his beliefs. Roll Tape:

The President then went on to speak on gay marriage and abortion. Roll Tape:

The President did not address precisely, the issues which continue to haunt his presidency, the outsourcing of jobs overseas, environmental concerns such as global warming and the Kyoto Protocol. Questions from reporters were not permitted. Going out on a limb, he did promise not to drill off the coast of Florida. Roll tape:

The President closed by reminding those gathered, who was in command on September 11th. Roll Tape:

SOCK-OUT: This gathering today, as all Republican gatherings tend to be, was a carefully orchestrated display of unity, where dissent is not permitted. The President, while not saying anything new, rallied the party faithful, in the hopes of carrying Pasco County in the coming election. This is Mark Antokas, for WMNF, radio news.

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