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Mark Trent Nov 20, 1974 – Dec 17, 2003 (age 29) While in Tampa, for only 3 years, he accomplished: · Jobsite Theatre Company – performed in 10 of the 15 productions of this local theatre company · American Stage · Gipsi Theatre – motivation in starting it as well as performed in various productions · Int’l Academy of Design and Technology – motivational speaker for high school students to inspire them to pursue careers in the arts · Event planner and other multiple functions for the Aveda Institute · Alley Cat Players

This past Sunday, American Stage held a charity event for the Mark Trent Foundation for the Arts. WMNF reporter Grace Santos was there.

Mark Trent was a local artist who died on December 17th at the age of 29. Mark Trent was only in Tampa for three years but impacted the arts community greatly. He performed as an actor and dancer in productions at the American Stage, the Jobsite Theatre Company, Alley Cat Players, and the Gipsi Theatre. Of the 15 productions that the Jobsite Theatre Company produced, Trent was in 10. He also was the Events Planner for the Aveda Institute. Furthermore, for the International Academy of Design and Technology, he was a motivational speaker for high school students to inspire them to pursue careers in the arts.
To honor Mark, his family set up a foundation to provide scholarships to high school students and to local theatre groups. (Cut Mrk Sr)

At both Trent’s vigil and the Foundation’s opening, many people from a variety of aspects of the Bay area attended. Throughout his artistic accomplishments, every person that spoke about him said his energy, his focus on finding purpose in life, and his honesty and care for everyone around him is what impacted them the most.
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To exemplify Mark Trent’s love for those that surrounded him, Trent Sr. explained how his family and friends were always on his mind.
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For more information about donating to the Mark Trent Foundation, contact Rhapsody Piles at the American Stage in St. Petersburg.

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