Along with voting for President and for the next U.S. Senator, Hillsborough County voters will be choosing State and County Representatives…..

Last Thursday night, the Carrollwood Area Business Association Held a Candidates Forum

In one of the more hotly contested races, former Tampa City Councilman Bob Buckhorn is trying to keep retiring Commissioner Jan Platt’s seat in Democratic hands. He is running against former wrestler Brian Blair.

One of the biggest issues in this race has been Impact Fees….

Republican Brian Blair said he hasn’t examined the issue that closely (roll tape#1 o.q. “in detail�)

Before Bob Buckhorn responded, he make a slight dig at his opponent (roll tape#2 o.q.�coherent answer�) Buckhorn has been making the raising of impact fees on developers - which in turn pay for school and road construction - a central tenant of his candidacy (roll tape#3 o.q.� pays it’s fair share�)

There’s another seat on the Hillsborough County Commission being contested…That one currently belongs to Democrat Pat Frank, who is on the ballot to become the next Clerk of the Circuit Court….Running for her seat are 3 candidates - Republican Mark Sharpe, who did not attend Thursday night’s Forum, former Republican now turned Democrat Denise Layne, and Joe Redner, who has ran as a Democrat but is running in this race as an Independent.

In the aftermath of the 2 hurricanes that directly affected the Tampa Bay Area, there has been considerable anger amongst some residents about the debris that resulted from downed trees and power lines….Currently, the County Tree Ordinance does not allow for the cutting down of Grand Oak trees once they are 18 inches in diameter …….There has already been discussions in the Tampa City Council about being more proactive in cutting down some trees……Denise Layne, a noted environmentalist, was asked how to preserve green space and also prevent power outages in the future(roll tape#4 o.q. “ Reason we can breathe�)

Joe Redner responded (roll tape#4 o.q. “should go underground�)

In the race for Hillsborough County Schoolboard District 1, Democrat Susan Valdez is running against Janice Torgersen …They were asked by the event’s moderator what their thoughts were regarding the growing child obesity situation - along with the fact that the County last year signed a lucrative agreement with a soft drink company to sell their products on campus ..First, Susan Valez (roll tape#5 o.q.� for education�)

Janice Torgersen says that the reduction of P.E. courses in Florida Schools is a negative action that she would like to work to reverse (roll tape#6 o.q. “4 years of physical education�)

In the State House, District 47, Republican incumbent Kevin Ambler is running against Libertarian candidate Kim Snow. When asked their views about Amendment #1 - which asks Florida Voters to approve a measure that would mandate Parental Notification of a teenager when she becomes pregnant…Ambler co-sponsored the Amendment in the House…

Libertarian Kim Snow doesn’t see the issue - or what it actually does - in that vein
(roll tape#7 o.q.�I would vote against that Amendment�)

The candidates for Supervisor of Elections AND Clerk of the Circuit Court also debated the issues……

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