Channel 28 reported this afternoon that there were problems with voting machines at the college Hill library on east Martin Luther king boulevard today, which caused an extra half hour delay for people attempting to vote early. Throughout the state, there have been lines at voting sites since early voting began on October 18th. WMNF went to the college Hill library this past Monday afternoon, to speak to people who were casting early votes, and ask them what they thought about the new system, which began in 2002


A lawyer for the John Kerry campaign was stationed at the poll all day, and has been there since early voting began on October 18th. He said that wait times have generally been between 30 minutes and an hour and 15 minutes all day every day.


WMNF also asked people if they were confident that given the controversy over touchscreen voting machines with no paper receipts, and the fact that many voter were illegally discarded in 2000, did they think their votes would be properly counted this year?


Early voting continues through Monday, November 1st. To find a local early voting site, call your local supervisor of elections.

Early voting continues through next Monday. Most voting sites are closed on Sunday. TO find a site near you, call your local supervisor of elections.

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