As of 11am this morning, Mel Martinez was acknowledged as Florida’s new US senator. Betty castor help a press conference, in which many expected her to discuss legal challenges to absentee ballots that have yet to be counted in South Florida, and others that may be thrown out because they arrived late. But Castor instead announced she was conceding the race to Martinez.

ACT ‘We know that there are about 300,000 absentee votes to be counted..weve kind of looked at them and analyzed them a like to have every vote counted in this race, however we think that even if every vote is counted, it would be very hard to make up the difference of 76,000 votes in this race. There fore I have spoken to Mr Martinez, I’ve congratulate him and told him that if there is anyway that I can help him in the weeks and months ahead that I would love to do that.�

Despite having the lead by less than 100 votes at the time, Martinez made a speech last night before 1am, announcing he had won.

ACT “The American I saw was Ronald Reagan’s is the shining beacon on the hill….I stand as a living testament….and I will assure…and to those who didn’t vote for me, I will try and being people together.


Mel Martinez will take office In January, replacing Democrat Bob graham. Martinez is the first Cuban American elected to the US senate. Betty Castor said she does not plan to run for public office again; and said she was disappointed in the campaign run by Martinez, which relied heavily on accusations of Castor being aligned with terrorists because she didn’t fire professor Sami Al-Arian, who is now accused of aiding terrorists, when she was president of the university of South Florida. Martinez also ran ads implying that his challenger in the republican primary, Bill McCollum, was too strong an advocate for homosexuals.

ACT �I think its not a good statement about American politics that the discourse is so negative; but having said that, the lesson is it works I guess…so thats unfortunate.� END ACT

WMNF spoke with Jeffrey Billman is a staff writer with the Orlando Weekly, to find out more about how Mel Martinez fared as Orange county chairman, and what the people of Floridians might expect with Martinez as their next United States Senator.


That was Jeffrey Billman with the Orlando Weekly.

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