In the race for the Supervisor of Elections, Republican incumbent Buddy Johnson – despite a series of mistakes leading up to the election – won by a 56% to 44% margin over Democratic challenger Rob McKenna…….

The 33 year old McKenna, a computer programmer for the Eckerd Corporation, campaigned on a platform demanding a paper trail for the Touch Screen Voting Machines used in Hillsborough and 14 other counties in Florida.

McKenna was an organizer in the Howard Dean Campaign earlier this year who was endorsed by the former Vermont Governor…..A seeming underdog, McKenna seemed to be given gifts by Supervisor Johnson, when he had problems during the August Primary election……That was followed by the revelation that his office LOST 245 votes at the West Gate Regional Library early voting site because a voting machine was left in test mode……McKenna then called for Johnson’s resignation after the St. Pete Times reported that Johnson’s staff didn’t inform Buddy until 2 weeks after that problem was discovered.

McKenna discussed those problems last night (roll tape#1 o.q.�a lot of what were seeing�)

Buddy Johnson served in the Florida Legislature, before moving on to the private sector.

He was then selected by Governor Jeb Bush to take over the office after Pam Iorio left office to run for Mayor of Tampa.

WMNF spoke today to an attorney working as a Poll Monitor at the College Hill Library in East Tampa Monday night when Buddy Johson apparently cut in front of hundreds of waiting voters to vote…..A Republican poll monitor informed Johnson he could not vote…

Upon seeing the returns come in last night, Rob McKenna could only wish that incident might have happened last week (roll tape#2 o.q.�that might have helped�)

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