High Speed Rail Goes Down

Last week, Floridians voted yes on Amendment 6, which effectively rescinded the Constitutional Amendment requiring High Speed Rail in Florida.

For some, the price to pay for the train system was prohibitive. Others said they weren’t sure that a train going from Orlando to Tampa would ever have enough traffic to make it worthwhile.

But supporters say they’ve worked out a plan that would cost taxpayers 75 million dollars a year , or about 1 ½ percent of the state’s transportation budget.. They say the projected fares -- $9.60 for a ride between Tampa and Orlando at 120 mph -- would not be subsidized by taxpayers.

Keith Lee Rupp is the president of the Florida Transportation Association, a group founded to support innovative transportation alternatives for Florida. He says there are other studies as well that show that that High speed rail WOULD be a success, and generate a profit. (roll tape#1 o.q.�at the grass roots level�)

That’s Keith Lee Rupp, President of the Florida Transportation Association, speaking about High Speed Rail, which was voted OUT of the State Constitution last week.

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