The bullet train panel may be pulling ahead

despite the overwhelming vote to repeal a constitutional amendment

requiring the state to build a bullet train system.

 Authorities said yesterday citizens may have freed the panel to

scrap previous plans and select a contractor and route that makes

more financial and political sense.

 Florida High Speed Rail Authority chairman Fred Dudley said "we

have no mandate" but they do have a good idea.

 The authority's meeting was the first since Floridians voted to

repeal the amendment that was passed in 2000. Since the project's

initial approval, no construction had begun but a route and

contractor were selected. The system's first leg - Orlando to Tampa

  • was forecast to cost over two (b) billion dollars.

    Although the amendment is gone, the authority lives on until the

Legislature kills it.

Keith Lee Rupp is the President of the Florida Transportation Association, a group founded to support innovative transportation ..He says there are other studies as well that show that high speed rail WOULD be a success, and generate a profit (roll tape#1 o.q.�

At the grass roots level�)

That’s Keith Lee Rupp , President of the Florida Transportation Association, speaking about high speed rail, which was voted OUT of the state constitution last week.

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