The Palm Beach Post reported today that a vast majority of provisional ballots cast during last week’s election were rejected.

Provisional ballots were made available for the first time in Florida this year…But the Post reports that Supervisors of Elections from across the state said the majority of rejected ballots were cast by people who simply were NOT registered to vote.

There were other reasons why ballots ended up being discarded…..Such as: voting in the wrong precinct ; signatures that didn't match those on file at the elections office and lapsed registrations because voters hadn't responded to address-verification requests and hadn't voted in at least four years.

Unlike 17 other states, Florida doesn't allow people to cast provisional ballots anywhere in their home county. …..

Palm Beach County State Senator Ron Klein is the outgoing Senate Minority Leader…He says he wants to see the law regarding Provisional Ballots in Florida changed ? (roll tape#1 o.q.�reasons to exclude a ballot�)

Provisional ballots were created in the wake of the 2000 presidential debacle when allegations were made that tens of thousands of people nationwide were unfairly denied the right to vote because of inaccurate records at the polls.

By casting a provisional ballot, people can preserve their vote until their eligibility is determined.

Meanwhile, rumors continue to swirl regarding the possibility of irregularities in last week’s Presidential election results in Florida.

Palm Beach Democratic Congressman Robert Wexler joined with Michigan’s John Conyers and 4 others last week in signing a letter asking the General Accounting Office to investigate voting irregularities…

Some Democrats insist that the vast difference between early exit Polls created for the media and the final results in Florida somehow show the potential for votes to have been stolen……Before the election there was much concern that without a paper trail, there would be now way to determine for sure how people who used touch screen voting machines…WMNF asked State Senator Ron Klein his thoughts about these theories (roll tape#2 o.q.�more difficult to vote�)

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