LAURA LOVE - Women's Show


Mary spoke with Laura about her new book and CD this week. Laura and her sister Lisa had a dangerously unstable mother, who lied that their father was dead and threatened their lives as well as her own. The book is a wrenching but ultimately hopeful story of growth, and a young girl's attempt to make sense of her life and her place in it, in searing unadulterated prose. You may remember an interview with Laura on The Women’s Show several years ago when she talked with us about her mother’s attempt to hang herself and Laura’s continuing search for her mother. She located her mother after 16 years. Inkwood Books and Vinyl Fever are bringing Laura to Tampa Sunday. She will be here to read from and sign her memoir, You Ain't Got No Easter Clothes, at Vinyl Fever (4110 Henderson Blvd), on Sun. Nov. 14 at 1:30. Laura will also sign her CD of the same title, with music written expressly to accompany the chapters of the book. Laura will be at Riverhawk Festival Saturday.

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