The newly constructed Board of Hillsborough County Commissioners convened this morning in Tampa to name new a new Chairman and assign Commissioners to the various boards on which they are to serve.

Unlike previous times, the nomination for a new Chairman and Vice Chair were voted on the first ballot – as nominated by County Commissioner Rhonda Storms (roll tape#1

o.q.�Mark Sharpe for Chaplain�)

Mark Sharpe and Brian Blair are the 2 new faces on the Commission….The 2 men replace 2 female Democrats who left the Board of their own volition earlier this month.

Actually, in the case of longtime Commissioner Jan Platt, term limits dictated that she step down from the board…….That seat was narrowly won by former wrestler Brian Blair over former Tampa City Councilman Bob Buckhorn….

And Republican Mark Sharpe takes over Democrat Pat Frank’s seat on the Commission…Frank left the Commission to run for the Clerk of the Circuit Court in the County, which she won…

The Commissioners were then given choices of which boards and councils they’d like to serve on. Blair choose the troubled county wide bus system, Hartline, prompting these cracks from Commisioners Tom Scott and Jim Norman (roll tape#2 o.q.�we love when their new…�)

There was one conflict, when both Democrat Kathy Castor and Republican Ronda Storms vied to the be the representative on the Tampa Port Authority. The now Republican leaning Board voted 6-1 to give the seat to Storms.

On the 2nd round of choices, there was again a conflict between the only 2 females on the Board. (roll tape#3 o.q. “thank you�)


Every other Commission got their first desire, which means Mark Sharpe will serve on the Tampa Bay Water Board, Blair on the Tampa Bay Partnership for Regional Economic Development, Castor goes to the Metropolitan Planning Organization , Tom Scott stays on the Aviation Authority, Hagen on the Tampa Bay Convention and Visitors Bureau, and Norman stays on the Tampa Sports Authority.

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