As we reported last night, starting this past Thursday teenagers are no longer be allowed in Ybor city after 11pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Tampa tried instituting a similar citywide curfew 2 years ago, but it was ruled unconstitutional, because it covered the entire city and was too broad. So Tampa's city staff looked to Orlando, where for over ten years they have had a teen curfew, which begins at midnight for an area of downtown. The Orlando curfew was narrowly tailored to an entertainment district, similar to Ybor, and Tampa’s new ordinance is legally structured the same way. Ben Markenson is a long-time Orlando activist. He currently is the publisher of Impact press, and a member of Orlando Direct Action. Markenson was a member of a coalition of groups that tried to prevent Orlando from instituting their teen curfew in 1994.


That was Ben Markenson with Orlando direct action

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