On Sunday, the local organization St Pete For Peace gathered on the Pinellas Trail bridge over Park Street and Tyron Blvd to protest against US International Policies.

Farhad Sabet Reports:

With Colorful banners proclaiming "While you buy, They Die" and "Terrorism is the price of Emperialism" among others, the local group St Pete for Peace activists gathered in St Petersburg Sunday afternoon to tell everyone who'd look up to that the problems of US International policies did not go away with the elections. As a matter of fact, only one person out of all those present said that they might have stayed home today if Kerry had won. The grassroot organization was created by Chris Ernesto in January 2003 during the build up to the war in Iraq. Chris Ernesto said before the election we obviously saw an increase in numberr of activists because people were just coming out bashing bush and after the elections we've had large entousiastic crowds at our protests as well. It seems that people are starting to understand the notion that what's happening right now needs to be changed and needs to be changed today. RUN TAKE 1 - 50 Secs

Also participating as an activist was Moricio from El Salvador who had designed some of the banners for Sunday. He said that he felt a moral responsability to be protesting there. RUN TAKE 2 - 63 Secs

One of the activists there was Tracy. Tracy is from England and has been in the US for over 12 years. She explained that she was there to protest the Government's Ignorance. RUN TAKE 3 - 12 Secs Tracy went on to say: RUN TAKE 4 - 35 Secs

Some of the other protesters there were James Marvin, Joyce adn Dwight. RUN TAKE 5 - 83 Secs

St Pete for Peace gathers every Sunday night in front of the Baywalk entertainment complex in downtown St Petersburg to protest the war and occupation of Iraq as well as social injustice in America. For more information, please call Chris Ernesto at 727-520-7737.

For WMNF Radio, This is Farhad Sabet

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