New statistics released yesterday from the National Low Imcome Housing Coalition, stated home ownership, or renting a single or two bedroom apartment, is financially out of reach for low-income families in the United States. Today Tanya Pickle, working with St Petersburg Neighborhood Housing Services, completed a two year process to sign the morgage on her new home. For WMNF Jen Germaine reporting.

Tanya Pickle showed up to her new home on 13th Ave South to a lawn full of City workers, media and Altanta Falcon Warrick Dunn and Tampa Bay Buc Shelton Quarrels.
The Warrick Dunn Foundation, "Homes for the Holldays" presented Tanya Pickle with the keys to her new home.


The Warrick Dunn Foundation selected Pickle to be the 21st single mother in the Tampa Bay area to provide her home down payment along with all the furniture, a washer/dryer, fully-stocked kitchen, and a Christmas tree with presents.

Askia Muhammah Aquil of the St. Petersgurg housing Service.


Tanya and her two sons, Kevin and Kendrell, received a key, and open the door to more than she expected.


Warrick Dunn's "Homes for the Holidays" has provided a start for single mothers and their families in Baton Rouge, Louisaiana; Tampa/St Peterburg Florida; and Atlanta, Georgia.

The foundation is a personal to Dunn, coming from his mother's own struggle raising a family and giving back.


Pickle stated she wants things to be better for her children, and with the Foundations aid, the process to home ownership will be much smoother.

With around 29% of households in St Petersburg still renting things are not any smoother purchasing a home. Even with the minimum wage increasing to $6.15 in the state of Florida, affordable housing, as calculated by the National Low Income Housing Coalition, is out of reach for households making twice the minimum wage. For WMNF this is Jen Germaine

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