Florida’s attorney general Charlie Crist has reopened the investigation on the murder of two black civil rights activists in Mims Florida in 1951. Harriet and Harry Moore were killed when a bomb went off under their house, and the killers were never found. The issue was raised by the Moore daughter, and local civil rights leaders. Bill Geary is the president of the North Brevard branch of the NAACP.

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Investigators will be reviewing files and reinterviewing key witnesses, although many of them are no dead. Attorney general Charlie Crist said he does not yet know whether racism on the part of law enforcement played a part in the lack of a conclusion to the case.

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This past week, The Mississippi Leadership Conference offered a 100,000 dollar reward to information which leads to solving the case of three young men who were abducted and executed in Neshoba County for helping black people register top vote. WMNF asked Bill Geary why civil rights cases from 40 or 50 years ago are being brought back up at this time.

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WMNF asked Charlie Crist to respond.

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Crist will be meeting soon with the NAACP, the attorney general says there is no time line for when the investigation will be complete.

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