INTRO: According to a revamped proposal, objections from Pasco County Attorneys and consultants, an unusual coalition of builders and citizens opposed to growth on U.S. 19, the Pasco County board of Commissioners postponed a vote last night on tighter traffic capacity standards for U.S. 19. WMNF’s Mark Antokas reports: SCRIPT: The Pasco County Board of Commissioners met last night in Dade City to hear last minute input on the “Penny for Pasco� initiative. The Board also heard arguments on the U.S. 19 concurrency ordinance where growth would be limited on the highway as it passes through Pasco County. Pat Burke, of Zephyrhills, had this to say. Roll Tape: Things heated up, in her summary. Roll Tape: The Pasco Builders Association, the Pasco Citizens for Growth Management, in agreement, went to the podium together, their proposal would be to let commercial, office, and mixed use projects move forward as long as they paid special impact fees which would cover the highway improvements. Joel Tew, Attorney for the Builders Association, suggested a fee of 25% of the Counties impact fee, and said this: Roll Tape: And then Walmart got into the mix. Roll Tape: walmarts lawyer, Glen Smith, thought it was unfair to single out the superstores. Everybody must comply, he said, you can’t pick and choose. Roll Tape: The Penny for Pasco issue, goes to a vote march 9th, and the Concurrence issue, is postponed yet again. This is Mark Antokas, for WMNF, radio news.

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