Less than a week before the deadline, state workers are scrambling to sign up families eligible for Florida's low-cost health insurance.

The state estimates it will need 100,000 applications to meet its target for the KidCare program, which covers kids whose families make too much to qualify for Medicaid but less than twice the federal poverty limit.

Today, Rose Naff, the director of the Florida Healthy Kids Corporation, told reporters in a conference call that over 67,000 applications have came in as of late night. She hopes that health fairs and other high profile actions will bring in the 30,000 plus to make that target

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One of the most recent parents to sign her children up for Healthy Kids is Apopka resident Kim Wadi Deodat . She explained why she needs her children to be on Kid Care (roll tape#2 o.q.�so I turned to Kids Care�) The state is accepting applications up until 11:59 PM this Sunday evening.

The KidCare program, established in the early '90s, includes three types of children's medical coverage: Healthy Kids, MediKids and Children's Medical Services. Until last spring, families were allowed to apply for the programs at any time. But the number of applications soared beyond the budget in recent years.

To help cap program costs, legislators limited enrollment to two 30-day periods a year

Karen Brown is the Supervisor of School Health for the Hillsborough County School District. She says that everytime a child comes into school clinics their parents are given information about Kid Care if their financial circumstances warrant that. Brown said that informing those parents is a bit more different now that there are only 2 such periods to sign up for a year now (roll tape#3 o.q.�3,000 spots�)

Brown says it would be better for everybody if it the enrollment period was broken up into every 3 or 6 months, because spaces will become available but children in need won’t be able to sign up.

With health care costs increasing nearly everywhere, Karen Brown from the Hillsborough County School District says she sees the need for such a state run health care plan is becoming more critical by the day (roll tape#4 o.q.�if anything�)

The state cannot accept applications that arrive after midnight Sunday, and the next enrollment period will not begin until September 1st.

To obtain an application, you can go to the internet at

The fax Number is 850-681-2132…Or you can send an e-mail at

If anybody has questions about their children being eligible for Kid Care, they can call

888-540-5437…..Phone lines are open everynight this week until 9PM.

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