16 days and counting till the RNC; Ohio takes voter suppression to a new level

08/10/12 Lisa Marzilli
Last Call Friday | Listen to this entire show:

With 16 days and counting until the Republican National Convention descends on Tampa, we began today's Last Call with some local RNC updates, including yesterday's St. Pete City Council approval of that city's Event Zone ordinance. Many have voiced objection to the ordinance which places a nearly 7.5 mile security perimeter around Tropicana Field for the entire week of the convention even though the only scheduled event is a publicly funded cocktail party on August 26th.

If you’re a fan of the nightly shows on MSNBC you heard Rachel Maddow and Ed Shultz highlighting this week what’s going on in Ohio with regards to voter suppression. Ohio is sure to be one of the most critical swing states in the November election and republicans there are doing everything they can to make sure the state goes to presumptive nominee Mitt Romney.

We heard a short clip from Rachel Maddow who took the media to task for their lack of coverage on the issue. We also heard what Ohio democratic state Sen. Nina Turner had to say on The Ed Show about the voter suppression.

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