TyRon Lewis Gym Grant Changes - Jen Germaine


At last weeks St. Petersburg City Council meeting, the African People’s Education and Defense Fund requested some non-monetary changes to a Community Development Block Grant they received in 2000.

The Block Grant issued by the city funds the All People’s TyRon Lewis Community Gym and Wellness Center on 9th Street South.

Development Block Grants are given out by cities around the country to benefit citizens in the community.

St Petersburg has given passed Block Grants to build the Hilton Hotel and demolish Laurel Park Public Housing to make a parking lot for the Dome.

The African People’s Education and Defense Fund is a non-profit, as part of the Uhuru group, to benefit the African-American community thru the Wellness Center.

The changes request last week at the city council to the Development Block Grant included an increase to the percentage of the community the Wellness Center wants to serve and changes to the center’s sliding scale for membership.

Although these requests did not have to do with payment, it was reported in the media and at last weeks council meeting the TyRon Lewis Gym had defaulted on loan payments.

Thursday afternoon, the St Petersburg City Council approved the Block Grant changes, with only Councilman Bill Foster voting no.

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